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  • [New] In 2021-22, up to $15 million in Canada Nature Fund for Aquatic Species at Risk funding will support 49 multi year projects across Canada, focused on aquatic species at risk recovery in seven priority areas and addressing two marine priority threats. / DFO
  • [New] IUU fishing threatens human rights, national security, the seafood trade, global food security, jobs and livelihoods, safety at sea, and marine life and ecosystems. / DFO
  • [New] In the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia, the sudden demand for Personal Protective Equipment and single-use plastic has put a strain on waste disposal systems, threatening biodiversity and marine life, and accelerating climate change. / ASEAN Foundation
  • [New] China is working to become the world leader in AI by 2030, and the United States declared in 2019 that it would maintain its world leadership on artificial intelligence. / europeanleadershipnetwork
  • [New] Just days after the G7 summit, Legal and General Investment Management (LGIM) divested from four companies, including US insurer and financial conglomerate AIG, citing insufficient action to address risks posed by climate change. / Funds Europe
  • [New] Without urgent action, Australia will continue to lose billions of dollars every year on invasive species. / CSIROscope
  • [New] Surgeon General issues a report stating that cigarette smoking is an important health hazard in the United States and that action is required to reduce its harmful effects. / National Cancer Institute
  • [New] The effect of the intervention on Afghanistan and the wider region will take a generation to discern but its effect on us is already clear. / Asia Newsday
  • [New] The effect of the global climate change is significant on ecology with life threatening pollution, intense heat waves, shrinking glaciers, rising sea levels with severe impact on plant and animal life. / TaxGuru Consultancy & Online Publication LLP
  • [New] China will achieve its carbon peak at a much lower level of GDP per capita, with a lower peak and lower emission trajectory, and the transition time from carbon peak to carbon neutral of only about 30 years. / 高大伟 David Cowhig's Translation Blog
  • [New] Partnerships of the public and private sectors will generate new revenue from wildlife for the benefit of Mozambique's citizens, and can support efforts to deter the illegal wildlife trade. / The Independent
  • [New] 57% of party members had a negative attitude towards Muslims, with almost half of party members believing that Islam is a threat to the British way of life. / Stop the War
  • [New] Electric vehicles are making the electrical grid more vulnerable to cyber attacks, threatening the portions of the grid that deliver electricity to homes and businesses. / Buzzflash
  • [New] The ability to observe, understand and simulate natural hazards and risks provides the UK insurance sector with international competitive advantage, equipping it to better manage its own and its customers' risk exposure and costs. / NERC
  • [New] Natural gas prices in Europe and the UK have soared to some of the highest levels on record, threatening to raise costs for households and businesses as global supplies of the critical fossil fuel remain tight. / Financial Times
  • [New] The Government of Canada is committed to expanding the network of protected and conserved areas and contributing to the recovery of species at risk, while advancing reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. / en
  • [New] As climate change intensifies in coming years, pandas will be driven higher and deeper into China's mountains in search of their dietary staple, bamboo, and their populations will become even more fragmented and vulnerable to extinction. / Futurity
  • [New] We can reasonably assume that without better investment and coordinated interventions, including animal culls, Australia will continue to lose billions of dollars on invasive species over the coming decades. / Scimex
  • [New] Some older people may generate a weaker immune response - but vaccinating all older people for a third time could significantly cut into global vaccine supply at a time when global coverage is crucial. / The New Republic
  • [New] Because of climate change, Arctic sea ice is fast disappearing, and scientists predict that many polar bear populations will be extinct by the century's end. / Science News
  • [New] In the Bakken, producer customers are finally seeing a significant positive netback on natural gas and natural gas liquids production for the first time since early 2019, a trend expected to continue into 2022. / Natural Gas Intelligence
  • [New] The studies project that excess deaths from climate change in hotter areas are expected to outweigh the fewer deaths in colder areas, and the net global effect is expected to be an increase in excess global temperature-related mortality. / Nature Communications

Last updated: 04 August 2021