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  • [New] The jet-engine maker said its investment in energy storage systems (ESS) will create 300 jobs by the end of the decade, helping to power both fully electric and hybrid aircraft designs. / Tech Digest
  • As well as protecting UK wildlife, well designed schemes could create thousands of job opportunities, while improving flood resilience and locking more carbon in trees and soils. / House of Commons
  • A $50 billion federal investment program to incentivize domestic semiconductor manufacturing would create an annual average of 185,000 temporary American jobs and add to $24.6 billion to the U.S. economy as new semiconductor manufacturing facilities, or fabs, are constructed from 2021-2026. / Semiconductor Industry Association
  • The BEHA is a British clean sheet designed, Net Zero-capable commercial aircraft that will not only create new manufacturing jobs, but also significantly support the UK aerospace supply chain, which has been hit so hard by the global pandemic. / ugd
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects solar PV installers to be the third fastest growing occupation in the United States over the next decade. / CSIS
  • Over two years, Line 3 will create 4,200 jobs in Minnesota, half of which will be for local union workers, and that it will provide a $2 billion jolt to the Minnesota economy during project design and construction. / Heated World
  • Graphic designers and illustrators, chefs, specialist physicians, registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses and technical sales specialists in wholesale trade are all jobs that are projected to see growth by 2030. / Ryerson University
  • Existing FTAs are detrimental to India's manufacturing sector, which is the target of New Delhi's 'Make in India' initiative, designed to boost manufacturing growth and job opportunities. / India Briefing News
  • Logitech Ireland in Cork announced the creation of more than 50 new job opportunities over the next three years across wide-ranging roles, including design, engineering, IT and supply chain functions. / Think Business
  • The UK's furlough scheme, which is designed to keep workers in a job amid the government lockdown, is expected to limit the rise in unemployment to 4.8% in 2020, from 3.8% last year. / BBC Sport
  • 137 million jobs could be lost in South-east Asian countries due to the increasing prevalence of robots and automation in factories and other sectors. / E&T
  • With most of the people having to move out for the search of a better standard of living and jobs, the rise in need of interior designers is only going to rise, making it one of the best future jobs in India in the coming years. / XPLORING INDIA
  • Independent economic modeling has shown that under a well-designed CFS, the Canadian biofuels sector could have an increased economic impact of up to $21 billion (Canadian) per year, while creating over 12,500 full-time jobs. / ethanolproducer
  • Technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous vehicles will influence building designs and jobs for decades to come. / propertyweek
  • 69 percent of marketers and creatives expect the pace of automation to increase over the next five years. / Venture Beat
  • Governments can bolster educational programs designed to train workers for the jobs that will most likely exist in the coming decades. / Futurism
  • 15 million new jobs will be created in the US as a result of AI and automation technology. / Itproportal
  • Due to increasing job opportunities in Asia-Pacific countries, China and India will show a tremendous development in the global 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing in the Aerospace & Defence market. / Journalism Day
  • Due to increasing job opportunities in Asia-Pacific countries, China and India will show a tremendous development in the global Industrial Furnaces and Ovens market. / Journalism Day
  • Due to increasing job opportunities in Asia-Pacific countries, China and India will show a tremendous development in the global Interventional Cardiology & Peripheral Vascular Devices market. / Journalism Day
  • There will be around a million job opportunities in the US alone in advanced computing. / FutureLab
  • Trump's anti-trade sentiments will permit China to expand its economic and political influence in Asia at the expense of the U.S. / Bloomberg Business
  • Australia could unlock $95 billion a year in economic value and generate 16,000 new jobs by taking a more proactive approach to the introduction of autonomous vehicles in Australia. / Gizmodo Australia

Last updated: 20 June 2021