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  • [New] The American Jobs Plan proposes spending $20 billion on new regional innovation hubs that will unite public and private investment to speed up the development of various energy technologies. / The Atlantic
  • [New] The expanded Queensland Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Jobs Fund, announced by the Palaszczuk government on Thursday, will be used to invest directly in new renewable electricity, hydrogen production and clean energy resources projects. / reneweconomy
  • [New] The American Jobs Plan, a $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan to invest in roads, transportation, water, broadband, and clean energy. / Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders
  • [New] The American Jobs Plan captures the scale of both the climate problem and the opportunity for more equitable economic stimulus, and offers a good crosscutting attempt to intersperse the promises of the clean energy economy throughout the many sectors and communities that will be affected. / Landscape Architecture Magazine
  • [New] Over and over again, the Biden Infrastructure Plan stresses that clean energy investment will drive the creation of strong, well-paying jobs that will stimulate economic growth. / Benzinga
  • Energy transitions bring major new economic opportunities, notably through the creation of new jobs associated with clean energy investments and activities. / Financial Post
  • The creation of 30 million jobs globally by the energy transition will not balance out the 5 million jobs lost in the fossil fuel industry because they are located in different places. / Hart Energy
  • Total annual energy investment should surge to $5 trillion by 2030 from $2 trillion today, which could create millions of clean energy jobs and push global GDP 4% higher by the end of the decade than it would reach based on current trends. /
  • The UK government has just produced its North Sea Transition Deal, which is how it believes it can manage the energy transition in a way that preserves 40,000 jobs in the offshore industry and turns them into an opportunity for an export market. / Energy Monitor
  • In addition to the American Jobs Plan, the Budget includes more than $36 billion of investments to combat climate change - an increase of more than $14 billion compared to 2021-by investing in resilience and clean energy, enhancing u. / U.S. Government
  • Across parties, Americans say they would be most disappointed if modernizing the electric grid, expanding clean energy, and creating new jobs to conserve public spaces were left out of the American Jobs Plan. / Climate Power
  • The transition towards a renewable energy economy will take a massive commitment and has the potential to create a huge number of jobs in New York. / The Democracy Collaborative
  • The American Jobs Plan describes programs to retrofit buildings for energy efficiency, research clean industrial processes, and increase natural carbon sinks like forests. / Brookings
  • The American Jobs Plan includes revenue proposals that reform corporate taxation, support housing and infrastructure, and prioritize clean energy. / Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
  • A fifth of offshore energy industry jobs in 2030, or 40,000 roles, will be linked to other clean energy sectors such as producing hydrogen from renewable energy, or capturing and storing the carbon emissions from factories and heavy industry under the seabed. / The Guardian
  • 14 million new jobs will be created from investments in clean energy by 2030, and another 16 million from investments in efficient appliances, electric and fuel cell vehicles, and building retrofits and energy-efficient construction. / World Resources Institute
  • The Biden - Harris administration has set an ambitious target of 30 gigawatts (GW) of installed offshore wind energy by 2030, which will create nearly 80,000 jobs. / Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
  • Harnessing tidal energy will help to combat climate change, as well as strengthen the UK's post-pandemic economy by creating a huge number of new jobs. / Energy Global
  • On top of keeping below 1.5 C, the Paris-based agency says its net-zero emissions by 2050 (NZE) scenario would boost global GDP, create millions of jobs, provide universal energy access by 2030 and avoid millions of premature deaths due to air pollution. / Carbon Brief
  • Three out of four people in each district or state support the American Jobs Plan, clean energy, and climate action. / Crooked Media

Last updated: 20 June 2021