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  • [New] By enacting policies that incentivize the transition to a climate resilient, net-zero emissions economy, governments around the world can create a path toward a better future that helps businesses prosper, creates new jobs and expands investment opportunities in climate solutions. / The Investor Agenda
  • [New] Job SupportGiven the new ban on dining - in, the Singapore government will increase job support subsidies for food and beverage firms as well as waive rental for one month for hawker stall and coffee shop tenants. / Yahoo!
  • If the UK government took advantage of the G7 moment to match Italian or US green recovery spending, it could expand green job creation tenfold or more, to 340,000-721,000 green jobs lasting across the next decade. / Trades Union Congress
  • Successful delivery of the UK and the devolved Governments' energy transition ambitions has the opportunity to secure around 200,000 jobs in 2030 for the offshore energy workforce. / Energy Norther Perspective
  • The UK government has announced a new £166.5 million spending plan designed to accelerate the roll out of green technologies across the UK's energy-intensive industries, predicting the latest phase of its Green Industrial Revolution will help create up to 60,000 jobs. / Corporate Citizenship Briefing
  • The Budget was a missed opportunity for the Federal Government to embrace Australia's renewable energy sector and follow the lead of international, state and territory counterparts to use the clean energy transition to drive job creation and economic recovery. / Energy Magazine
  • The UK Treasury has provided unprecedented support for jobs and businesses across the UK in the face of COVID-19, including an unprecedented £8.6 billion upfront guarantee to the Scottish Government in the 2020-21 financial year, and a further £1.1 billion to be spent in either 2020-21 or 2021-22. / UK Government
  • The Irish Government recently announced its Driving Recovery and Sustainable Growth 2021-2024 strategy which aims to attract 800 new international investments over the next four years creating 50,000 jobs, 50 pc of which are to be in rural locations. / Think Business
  • In Africa, national digital skills and jobs coalitions could develop common digital skills curricula and support governments with expertise and projects to bring schools and education institutions to the digital age. / Europa
  • The American Jobs Plan includes the commitment to supporting state, local and tribal governments that will determine its success across infrastructure priorities and ensure it delivers on the benefits it promises. / World Resources Institute
  • While the global economy continues to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, systemic investments in clean energy can enable governments to meet the existential threat of climate change while creating millions of good-paying, green jobs across the globe. / Forbes
  • The American Jobs Plan prioritizes having local governments, co-ops and nonprofits rather than private firms invest in expanding broadband networks. / Discourse
  • The UK government wants to be at the forefront of rolling out autonomous driving technology and the transport ministry forecasts by 2035 around 40% of new UK cars could have self-driving capabilities, creating up to 38,000 new skilled jobs. /
  • The UK government has just produced its North Sea Transition Deal, which is how it believes it can manage the energy transition in a way that preserves 40,000 jobs in the offshore industry and turns them into an opportunity for an export market. / Energy Monitor
  • Budget 2021 includes $101.4 billion over three years in proposed investments as part of the Government of Canada's growth plan that will create good jobs and support a resilient and inclusive recovery. / Prime Minister of Canada
  • The UK government has an opportunity to support UK-made green steel, thereby supporting industry jobs and businesses as well as creating new markets for green steel both in the UK and internationally. / Institute for Public Policy Research
  • The federal government has a huge opportunity to cut emissions and add jobs by giving cities money to undertake energy-efficiency retrofits in public and private structures. / The Atlantic
  • The Scottish Government can find tens of millions for illusory technologies like Carbon Capture and fossil hydrogen which we all know will not create enough jobs or emissions cuts until the end of this decade, if then at all. / Friends of the Earth Scotland
  • The Australian government has no net zero emissions target and has promised to increase the amount of gas in the electricity and manufacturing sectors, saying it will boost jobs. / ABC (Australia)
  • Part of the UK Government's path to net zero by 2050, today's measures will create and support 80,000 UK jobs over the next 30 years whilst cutting emissions by two-thirds in just 15 years. / UK Construction Online
  • The government in Beijing will welcome more Chinese firms expanding in Hong Kong to boost business sentiment and create job opportunities. / Yahoo Finance

Last updated: 20 June 2021