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  • [New] President Biden and the Democratic Congress are hard at work advancing the American Jobs and Families Plans, which will help women return to the workforce by expanding access to child care, health care, workplace safety and more. / Speaker Nancy Pelosi
  • [New] Business tax increases are meant to fund physical infrastructure investments as part of the American Jobs Plan, while individual tax increases cover new spending on paid leave, child care, health care, and education under the American Families Plan. / Grant Thornton
  • [New] Focussing on the said areas, Thailand hopes to achieve comprehensive security in key areas of food, health, energy, employment and sustainable natural resources and environment. / Newswit
  • [New] President Biden now has four years to prove that actually giving people decent healthcare, education, social security and job prospects will prevail over the very real emotional power of nationalist, populist narratives. / The Guardian
  • [New] The introduction of a public option could negatively affect other critical elements of the U.S. health care system by undermining the ESI market, eliminating private competition in the exchange market entirely, and threatening the viability of health care providers. / JD Supra
  • [New] The cost of providing health benefits will become unsustainable at some point in the next five to ten years, and that there will need to be a greater role for government in providing coverage and controlling costs. / KFF
  • [New] The President's plan will create a more resilient grid, lower energy bills for middle class Americans, improve air quality and public health outcomes, and create good jobs, with a choice to join a union, on the path to achieving 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035. / The White House
  • [New] Amazon is making its first foray into providing healthcare services, announcing Wednesday that it will be offering its Amazon Care telemedicine program to employers nationwide. / Modern Healthcare
  • Expanding coverage will generate more than $15.5 billion in revenue for Texas by 2025 because of the multiplier effect of the investment in people's healthcare, which means more jobs and development. / D Magazine
  • Houston Methodist, a Texas-based health system, is facing legal pushback for its policy requiring all employees to receive the Covid-19 vaccine or risk losing their jobs. / MedCity News
  • With 61% of Americans worried about healthcare costs in retirement, employers need to provide opportunities for employees to optimize their health benefits to address long-term healthcare costs, Uralil adds. /
  • Focusing on the said areas, Thailand hopes to achieve comprehensive security in key areas of food, health, energy, employment and sustainable natural resources and environment. / Yahoo Finance
  • Without government action, rural Canadians will be increasingly cut off from jobs, health care and education, worsening the growing divide in rural and Northern Canada. / The Globe and Mail
  • Biden's plan is a fresh opportunity not only to extend healthcare coverage to more than 4 million people but also to promote job and economic growth. / Mississippi Today
  • The American Jobs Plan makes significant investments in power and electricity infrastructure and affordable housing. / ethanolproducer
  • Strengthening food systems now, along with health, education and employment opportunities can reduce the effects of climate change and population growth on global hunger. / Medical Express
  • The United States vision for climate action is fundamentally driven by the extraordinary opportunity it presents for global economic revitalization and equity - for job creation, healthier communities, and racial justice. / U.S. House of Representatives
  • In the UK, one in two people will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, and alongside physical and mental health fears, cancer can cost people their jobs, financial security and even their homes. / CBRE announces new charity partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support
  • The health and wellness sector in Africa will be worth about $259 billion by 2030, with the potential to create over 16 million jobs. / Entreprenante Afrique
  • Elon Musk spent the past year spreading COVID misinformation, donating fake ventilators to hospitals, and forcing Tesla workers to go back to their factory jobs despite the risk to their health, resulting in 450 employees becoming infected. / Slate Magazine
  • We find that after reading arguments from both parties, likely voters support including $400 billion for healthcare and caregiving services in the American Jobs Plan by a 32-point margin. / Crooked Media

Last updated: 20 June 2021