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  • [New] NATO's Space strategy and doctrine should be poised to counter, respond to, and deter the full range of competition and military conflict, including hybrid threats and military activities that fall short of war. / Joint Air Power Competence Centre
  • [New] Many US industries are confronting a surfeit of jobs and having difficulty filling vacancies due to workers' fears over the coronavirus and child-care challenges, among other reasons. / Business Insider
  • [New] The Federal Government has an ambition to triple the size of the Australian space economy to $12 billion by 2030, and create an additional 20,000 jobs. / SASIC
  • [New] The Japan Times that China's increasing military activities conducted in the vicinity of Taiwan are destabilizing and increase the risk of miscalculation. / The Japan Times
  • [New] By boosting economic activity, the Fair Heat Deal could generate as much growth as any infrastructure programme but would have the extra benefits of creating good jobs in every part of the UK while slashing energy bills. / E3G
  • [New] South Africa needs to reduce the price of labour in order to create more jobs, otherwise the trend toward a capital intensive economy will continue. / Free Market Foundation
  • [New] Any actions that limit Gulf energy development stifles Louisiana's economic growth, threatens thousands of jobs, and undermines decades of environmental progress. / EIA
  • [New] Russian investments in artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies will help their soldiers counter the physical, cognitive, and operational challenges of urban warfare and perform better in future conflicts. / International Defense Security & Technology Inc.
  • [New] The jet-engine maker said its investment in energy storage systems (ESS) will create 300 jobs by the end of the decade, helping to power both fully electric and hybrid aircraft designs. / Tech Digest
  • [New] SICRAL 3 will capitalize on the ongoing developments within the ItalGovSatCom program, a pillar of the evolving Space Economy and the Programs of Military Research and will help expand NATO's current satellite capabilities. / Satnews
  • [New] The American Jobs Plan proposes spending $20 billion on new regional innovation hubs that will unite public and private investment to speed up the development of various energy technologies. / The Atlantic
  • [New] The Australian government has inked a free trade agreement with the U.K. that is expected boost business opportunities and deliver more Australian jobs. / RTTNews
  • [New] While China poses virtually no direct military threat to Europe, which is NATO's home field, it can now flex its military power in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago - not only in Asia, but also globally. / The New York Times
  • [New] A new free trade agreement with the UK will deliver more Australian jobs and business opportunities for exporters, bringing both countries closer together in a changing strategic environment. / Director
  • [New] The re-introduction of sugar beet production to Scotland - a move that could support national climate change targets, create green jobs, and unlock new economic opportunities - has taken a significant step forward after the pilot project laying its foundations received new funding. / News from AA Farmer
  • [New] A four-week delay to the easing of restrictions - including an end to limits on how many people can meet indoors - could cost struggling businesses £3bn and put 200,000 jobs at risk. / The Guardian
  • [New] The most powerful tool for tackling the climate crisis in the American Jobs Plan, in the view of many environmentalists, is not money, but Biden's proposal to create a national clean electricity standard. / Inside Climate News
  • [New] As California transitions to a greener economy, new jobs can be created while other jobs will be lost. / Local News Matters
  • [New] While inaction will have the effect of curtailing Australia's economic growth to the tune of $3.4 trillion and 880,000 fewer jobs in just 50 years, there is an upside - a new choice that Australia can make to create a new climate for growth. / ABC (Australia)
  • [New] 1 billion hectares can be restored over the next 10 years to reverse course, and power COVID-19 recoveries and provide livelihoods at a time when hundreds of millions of jobs are at risk. / UNCCD
  • [New] To adapt to climate change, NATO will incorporate climate change considerations into its full spectrum of work, ranging from defence planning and capability development to civil preparedness and exercises. / NATO

Last updated: 20 June 2021