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  • Needless to say, global numbers are five to ten times that much and for every oil industry job lost, 3-5 jobs will be lost in supporting sectors, from steel to real estate to food trucks. / Forbes
  • Multifamily real estate weathered the pandemic better than most real estate sectors, and a quicker rebound is expected in 2021. / Investment Property Tips | Mashvisor Real Estate Blog
  • Large corporate headquarters like Twitter and Facebook will be able to reduce overhead costs of real estate and related human accommodations when many jobs are done remotely. / about-us
  • Recently announced financial measures in the UK, such as the increase in Corporation Tax from 2023 and the extension of the Coronavirus Job Retention scheme, are measures that organisations should keep in mind as they assess their commercial real estate portfolios, both now and in the coming months. / DeVono Cresa Blog
  • Low-interest rates coupled with Atlanta's solid job market could be a boon for the local real estate market even in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. / Norada Real Estate Investments
  • The recent spike of COVID-19 cases across the U.S. could mean a slower than expected economic recovery, dampen job growth, and limit consumer spending recovery, all of which could affect real estate demand. / S&P Global Platts
  • Between Arcadia and Debenhams alone, over 520 stores are at risk across the UK. / LGT Group
  • Already suffering from the overhang of excess supply and with new property launches planned till 2022, the ex - pat exodus from Dubai will trigger a further sharp fall in real estate prices and rental yields. / OpIndia
  • As long as job growth holds up, multifamily is expected to remain a favored asset class for commercial real estate investors in 2020, leading to possible further cap rate compression, increased sales and higher origination levels. / Fannie Mae
  • Austin is projected to see the highest population growth rate in the US for the coming 5 years! / Medium
  • Roughly half of US workers are concerned that their job could be replaced by technology. / EY
  • A single PC with EVE will be able to do to the job of dozens of monitors. / Serious Insights
  • Dallas was ranked in the top 5 of fastest growing cities expected to experience tremendous growth in job demand and housing demand over the next two decades. / Globest
  • Data on job searches and job postings could be used to predict employment for the following month. / Agenda - The World Economic Forum
  • MLSD announced a plan to nationalize and create jobs for Saudis in three main sectors during 2019-2020, with 80 thousand jobs in real estate and construction and 40 thousand jobs in health, and 15 thousand jobs in IT. / Jadwa Investment
  • The future quantum computing market is expected to be comparable to that the supercomputer market - around $50 billion per year by the 2030s. / Deloitte Australia
  • According to the Quantum Computing Market & Technologies - 2018-2024 report, the global quantum computing market will grow at a CAGR of 24.6% throughout 2018-2024. / Industry 4.0 Market Research
  • Quantum technologies - The UK government will invest a further £235 million to support the development and commercialisation of quantum technologies, including up to £70 million from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, and £35 million to support a new national quantum computing centre. / Department for Culture Media & Sport
  • Researchers at IBM are betting big on quantum computing, believing that in five years it will be studied by every computer engineer and used to solve problems across a wide range of industries. / BOSS Magazine
  • The market intelligence firm projects that North America will be the leading region for quantum computing adoption with $718.3 million in revenue by 2025. / Tractica
  • A report by Homeland Security Research estimates that the global market for quantum computing and technologies will grow at a CAGR of 24.6% throughout 2018-2024. / TechNewSources

Last updated: 20 June 2021