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  • [New] Ransomware attacks are now viewed as the top cybersecurity threat by nearly half, 46%, of Chief Information Security Officers in a survey from earlier in the year. / Identity Theft Resource Center
  • [New] The Pulse Secure hack has largely gone unnoticed while a series of headline-grabbing ransomware attacks have highlighted the cyber vulnerabilities to U.S. critical infrastructure, including one on a major fuels pipeline that prompted widespread shortages at gas stations. / CBS News
  • [New] As the criticality of technology has increased over the past year, so have UK CEOs' fears of cybersecurity threats. / CyberNews
  • [New] Ransomware is one of the key cybersecurity threats facing the UK and the cyber-criminal groups behind it are becoming more dangerous, the UK's cyber chief is to warn. / ZDNet
  • [New] In December, the heightened frequency of Chinese hacking led the German government's cybersecurity agency to warn German companies about the growing risk of Chinese cyber-espionage. / Foreign Affairs Magazine
  • [New] Ransomware represents the biggest threat to online security for most people and businesses in the UK, the head of GCHQ's cybersecurity arm is to warn. / The Guardian
  • [New] The COVID-19 vaccine distribution pipeline is now facing serious cybersecurity risks as hackers attempt to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the massive global effort. / fijitimes
  • [New] Last but not least, JBS was reported to dole out $11 million in bitcoin to a Russian hacking organization to resolve its ransomware attack and prevent a disruption in the meat supply chain. / Food+Tech Connect
  • [New] The recent ransomware attack on a major U.S. pipeline highlights the extent of the financial risks posed by cybersecurity threats. / Advisor's Edge
  • [New] TikTok has denied Trump's claims that U.S. national security and data privacy are at risk. / Pandaily
  • [New] The Surveillance Technology Oversight Project obtained a contract revealing that the state of New York has bigger plans for its Excelsior Pass than it initially disclosed, which could reveal the risks of similar digital ID programs. / Vox
  • [New] Instead of focusing on individual applications and software, the Biden administration is signaling that it will take a more expansive approach, reviewing all Chinese-made products to determine if they pose a threat to U.S. national security or cybersecurity. / Bank Info Security
  • [New] Two private-equity firms are buying cybersecurity company ExtraHop Networks Inc. for $900 million, as a series of recent high-profile ransomware attacks have put cybersecurity risk back in the spotlight. / WSJ
  • [New] The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, a federal agency of the US government, has selected Bugcrowd to launch its first federal civilian enterprise-wide crowdsourced vulnerability disclosure policy platform in support of Binding Operational Directive 20-01. / Business Wire
  • [New] Three Ukrainian cybersecurity agencies have warned last week of a massive spear-phishing operation carried out by Russian threat actors against the Ukrainian government and private sector. / The Record by Recorded Future
  • [New] Tackling cyber hacks and ransomware attacks on US government and commercial entities would be akin to battling the international terrorist threat to the US following the hijacking attacks masterminded by al-Qaida on 9/11. / The Guardian
  • [New] Apple recently introduced changes to its operating system that will make it harder for Facebook to earn money off ads, part of a larger disagreement between Facebook and Apple over data privacy on the internet. / Forbes
  • The national security community has had a role in targeting ransomware attackers since the Biden administration elevated the cybersecurity threat from a criminal challenge to a terrorism matter. / Small Wars Journal
  • Quantum Xchange provides a quantum-safe key distribution system that is deployable today, works to immediately enhance an organization's existing crypto infrastructure, and protects data and communication networks from future threats like a quantum attack. / QuantumXC
  • DOD's most costly weapon programs continue to execute in an environment that emphasizes the importance of software and the ability to respond effectively to global cybersecurity threats more than ever before. / US General Accounting Office

Last updated: 20 June 2021