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  • [New] Firm targets WHO's global targets are to vaccinate at least 10% of the population of every country by September, at least 40% by the end of 2021, and 70% by the middle of 2022. / Saudigazette
  • [New] Food demand is continuing to increase as a consequence of the increase in global population, and will undoubtedly continue to do so in the medium term. / MDPI
  • [New] A small parasitic wasp, called Macroglenes penetrans will attack wheat midge eggs or instar larvae and can help reduce 2022's population of wheat midge by up to as much as 30%. /
  • [New] Providing enough proteins through sustainable food production is a huge challenge up to 2050, when the global population is expected to be 9.7 billion people. / University of Copenhagen
  • [New] India's most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, will spend up to $1 billion for COVID-19 vaccines and has already held discussions with Pfizer and a local distributor of Russia's Sputnik V shot, Reuters reports, citing a state official. / FiercePharma
  • [New] With current population growth in Africa and Asia, we are going to have an additional 2.5 billion people in cities in a few decades. / United Nations
  • [New] The next administration will govern more than 115 million people, making Ethiopia the second-most populous country in Africa after Nigeria and 12th in the world. / BBC News
  • [New] About 4.4 million people out of a population of 11 million are estimated to be food insecure in Haiti, including 1.9 million children, with UNICEF warning that access to nutritious food will worsen if a storm strikes Haiti. / Newsroom
  • [New] Around half of the global population growth between now and 2050 will take place in nine countries, four of which are on the African continent: Ethiopia, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania. / Cities Alliance
  • [New] According to Cisco - over 70% of the world's population will have access to mobile connectivity by 2023 - of which 1.4 billion phones in use will have access to 5G networks. / Digital Doughtnut
  • [New] Getting existing Medicaid managed care plans to participate could be a struggle; some states, like South Dakota and Wyoming, have small populations and no existing Medicaid managed care plans, so plans would need to be established. / Commonwealth Fund
  • [New] Aquaculture is already providing over half of the seafood consumed around the world, livelihoods to millions of people, and without it we will not be able to achieve food security for a growing global population with a low carbon footprint. / The Fish Site
  • [New] The US government is assessing a report of a leak at the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in populous Guangdong province after Framatome, a French firm that partly owns it, warned of an imminent radiological threat. /
  • [New] Switching to more sustainable production of soy and maize could boost food security in the world's most-populous country and simultaneously alleviate some of the environmental impacts of agriculture, new research shows. / Carbon Brief
  • [New] In May, the International Monetary Fund unveiled a $50 billion proposal to end the COVID-19 pandemic by vaccinating at least 40% of the population in all countries by the end of 2021 and at least 60% by the first half of 2022. / Reuters
  • [New] Despite being the third-most densely populated country in the world, in 2013, Singapore's government announced plans to increase its total population from 5.3 million to 6.9 million by 2030. / Malta Independent Online
  • [New] As the number of Covid-19 cases is falling, and taking into account that the younger population is less exposed to Covid-19 related risks, it could be better to use vaccines based on messenger RNA technology such as Moderna and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines on the younger population. / The Edge Markets
  • [New] China remains behind the US and UK in terms of the share of its population that have been vaccinated, but will soon catch up. / The Mainichi
  • [New] The illegal trade of uranium has not only been exposing the regional population to harmful radiation but is also putting the earth at risk. / ZemTV
  • [New] The next step is to develop an implementation model for a city with a population of 300,000 people, which will then be applied to other cities of a similar size, throughout Japan. / Impact Lab
  • With disabilities more common in older adults and the U.S. senior population expected to double by 2050, all physicians and health care providers can expect to see increasing volumes of patients with disability. / ?p=childrens-environmental-health

Last updated: 20 June 2021