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  • [New] Providing enough proteins through sustainable food production is a huge challenge up to 2050, when the global population is expected to be 9.7 billion people. / University of Copenhagen
  • [New] Insurers will come under increasing pressure in 2021 to show their support for sustainability initiatives that address climate change, environmental pollution and social injustice. / Secure books
  • [New] Climate change remained an existential threat to Africa's sustainable future, adding that a host of fiscal and regulatory tools can be harnessed to boost resilience of communities and ecosystems. / CGTN Africa
  • [New] Insurers take the view that the Italian G20 Presidency is rightly focusing on the much-needed economic recovery from COVID-19 and the opportunity it presents to create more sustainable and resilient economies and societies. / Actuarial Post
  • [New] The UK looks forward to continuing to work closely with Mozambique in the run-up to COP26 and beyond, to identify and support opportunities for sustainable, long-term green growth, investment and jobs. /
  • [New] India's energy growth story will be driven by renewable energy in the days to come which will form a key pillar of India's climate commitments and achievement of sustainable development goals. / Assets EY
  • [New] Switching to more sustainable production of soy and maize could boost food security in the world's most-populous country and simultaneously alleviate some of the environmental impacts of agriculture, new research shows. / Carbon Brief
  • [New] Another possibility would be to pursue a more sophisticated 'tilting strategy' under which the ECB could adjust its monetary policy operations more gradually in line with sustainability considerations. / carbon-pulse
  • [New] Mastercard supports initiatives on environmental sustainability and leadership in financial inclusion, working on its goal to add 1 billion unbanked people around the world onto the financial grid by 2025, with a specific focus on under-represented areas such as sub-Saharan Africa. / World At Work
  • [New] In addition to taking action at home, G7 leaders will commit to increase their contributions to international climate finance to meet the target of mobilising USD 100 billion a year, which will help developing countries deal with the impacts of climate change and support sustainable, green growth. / The Times Of India
  • [New] Chanel is backing a new climate adaptation fund called Landscape Resilience Fund that aims to raise $100 million by 2025 to invest in projects to promote sustainable agriculture, protect forests and support small-scale farmers in developing countries. /
  • [New] Through the emergence of more sustainable agri-food systems, leading economies will be better placed to support more vulnerable countries and feed more people, support biodiversity, restore the Earth and adapt to climate change. / The Ecologist
  • [New] eCurrency supports the huge economic opportunities presented by the global shift to digital payments, including efficiency gains, financial inclusion, sustainability and economic growth. / Research
  • [New] To mitigate climate change and build a more resilient food system, the planet needs to meet food waste reduction targets set down by the United Nations, the USDA, the EPA, and others, including the UN Sustainable Development Goal of cutting food waste in half by 2050. / The Spoon
  • [New] DHL Global Forwarding's partnership with United Airlines, as a part of the Eco-Skies Alliance program, will purchase 3.4 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel in 2021 to reduce emissions. / Triple Pundit
  • [New] DHL Global Forwarding's partnership with United Airlines to purchase sustainable aviation fuel signifies a step in the right direction to address the impact that the air transportation sector will increasingly have on the environment if left unchecked. / Triple Pundit
  • [New] Construction is flush with opportunity to help make improvements across a range of sectors, and establish the UK as a leader in sustainability, innovation and best practice building. / UK Construction Online
  • [New] In the global race to carbon-neutral economies by 2050, Canada continues to build on its long-term competitive advantage by focusing on environmental sustainability and clean growth while supporting workers and communities. / Government of Canada
  • [New] The proposed national index will provide the rigour needed to demonstrate the Canadian agri-food sector's role in combating climate change, enhancing food security and confirming meaningful environmental and socio-economic improvements across the Canadian food system. /
  • [New] The UK Government now has an opportunity to create a new British growth industry by backing sustainable aviation fuel production and also be leaders in the race to a net zero 2050. / CAPA - Centre for Aviation
  • Climate change is one of the greatest systemic risks we face today and achieving net zero by 2050 will be crucial to help steer the world towards a more sustainable future. / The Guardian

Last updated: 20 June 2021