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  • As the global pandemic accelerates digital transformation, with the increasing threats and disruptions that may put business continuity at risk, it is crucial for SMBs to have a functioning IT infrastructure ready for the post-Covid workplace. / TechRadar pro
  • 2021 will be a year of marketing innovation and disruption for the real estate industry, and all real estate professional need to embrace digital transformation in order to navigate the coming year. / real-estate-marketing-strategy-in-2022
  • The nature of disruption today demands that companies transform at pace to stay ahead of competition, and according to Mercer's survey, 45% of Indonesian companies cite workforce restructuring as their key focus in 2021. / Newsroom
  • The accelerated pace of digital transformation has created opportunities but is also profoundly disruptive to some, and requires complex trade-offs. / The Straits Times
  • The United States, as the world's largest economy and innovation leader, will remain a key market as we target job creating investment opportunities arising from disruptive innovation, digital transformation and environmental sustainability. / IDA Ireland
  • For over a decade, Airship has been the driving force in helping many of the world's largest and most disruptive brands succeed in digital transformation, and the acquisition of ReplyBuy opens up an exciting new chapter. / Yahoo!
  • Disruptive technologies and new ways of working can be part of a transformation that helps Europe to strengthen its market position in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. / McKinsey & Company
  • Transformative technologies are contributing solutions to major human and environmental challenges, and are expected to play a greater role as disruptions associated with global population and climate change increase. / Policy Options
  • Take the first step today As enterprises around the world face a potential tidal wave of supply chain disruption, it is important to transform business operations to mitigate the risks today and in the future. / Grant Thornton
  • Amid the wave of disruptions, banks in the Asia Pacific region are hyperscaling their transformation to new ecosystems, partnerships, and alliances. / Finastra
  • The global pandemic that we all experienced over the past year was a wake-up call for digital transformation and has driven increased demand for agile platforms that can help organizations improve their ability to respond to economic volatility and disruption. / Financial IT
  • COVID-19 can affect the global economy in three main ways: by directly affecting Production and Demand, By Creating Supply Chain and Audio Frequency Transformer Market Disruption, and by its financial impact on firms and financial markets. / The Courier
  • The disruptive impact of Covid-19 and the availability of digital technologies that can support online learning present an unprecedented opportunity for the transformation of higher education at a global level. / Frontiers
  • The level of disruption across global supply chains has never been greater, but so is the opportunity to digitally transform quickly, using new, agile approaches. / ChannelBiz UK
  • The rapid adoption of disruptive technologies by UK industry will gather pace as more companies undertake their own digital transformation journeys, changing their business structures to offer new services and outsource existing aspects of their day-to-day operation and modernisation. / Connected Technology Solutions
  • Accenture has completed its acquisition of Imaginea, a cloud native product and platform engineering firm that helps companies drive innovation through disruptive technologies to transform their businesses digitally and capture new opportunities. / IoT global network
  • A new report from Constellation Research has urged enterprises to adopt disruptive technologies and take advantage of a historic opportunity to transform employee experience. / PCR
  • In a world experiencing a sprint towards digital transformation and innovation, businesses are continuously seeking ways to improve and implement technology with the least disruption, investment and time consumption as possible. / Dynamic Business
  • Given the rapid pace of transformation and disruption of global economies driven by technological development, Romania needs to invest in the right skills and training models to keep pace with the rapid change in technology and markets. / Brookings
  • As the World Economic Forum report on the Future of Jobs suggests, automation, in tandem with the COVID-19 recession, is creating a 'double-disruption' scenario for workers, but adds that technological adoption by companies will transform tasks, jobs and skills by 2025. / InsiderPro
  • The Asia-Pacific region is witnessing a digital transformation boom, poised to accelerate due to the technology-biased disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. / ORF
  • A survey of 500 US-based enterprise technology decision-makers from IT decision making platform AVANT Communications reveals rapid change as businesses press ahead with digital transformation and bring in new disruptive technologies. / Betanews

Last updated: 20 June 2021