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  • [New] To become carbon negative across its entire value chain by 2030, AstraZeneca will design in carbon neutrality across its organization and use the latest science to actively engage its supply chain to reduce emissions. / Science
  • [New] Companies embed the longer-term goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 into their business models, mirroring the long-term decarbonization strategies countries are advancing to back up their net-zero, 2050 vision. / Science
  • [New] Because of the diversity of technologies that could potentially provide demand-side flexibility and the wide range of existing and new business models under which they may operate, currently there is no robust estimate of DSF operational costs for the United States. / NREL
  • Gig companies like Uber and Lyft have long resisted classifying workers as employees, stating in regulatory filings that doing so would force them to alter their business model and risk a financial hit. / The New York Times
  • Google will change its business model and pay a fine equivalent to almost $270 million to resolve a landmark antitrust case in France, where regulators alleged that the tech giant abused its dominance in online advertising. / Barrons
  • Before the year is out, a majority of the world's governments may have agreed on changes that could obliterate the business models of zero-tax havens in the Caribbean. / The Economist
  • Europe and Britain launched formal antitrust investigations into Facebook on Friday to determine if the world's largest social network is using customers' data to unfairly compete with advertisers, in a new threat to its business model. / CGTN
  • As billions of dollars is pushed into rebuilding economies around the world, firms have the perfect opportunity to ensure that human rights become a fundamental part of business models in the future. /
  • Proposed by European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager last year, the Digital Markets Act could force U.S. tech giants to change their lucrative business models and ensure a level playing field for smaller rivals. / Reuters
  • Moving forward, digital twin technology will be crucial to helping industry leaders remain profitable while adapting their business models in response to change and a planet already in flux. / Forbes
  • The European Union and the U.K. have launched antitrust investigations into Facebook's use of advertising data in its classified ads business, probes which could force it to change its business model on top of hefty fines. / NBC News
  • Huawei's move to a mobile operating system that can run on smartphones could give it a new business model of distributing it to other smartphone vendors in China that might be keen to earn revenue by listing their apps on Huawei's mobile services. / The Globe and Mail
  • By 2025, over one-fifth of organizations will have part of their business conducted via subscriptions and recurring revenue rather than one-time sales as companies adjust business models to remain competitive. / Ventana Research
  • A flurry of new threats, technologies and business models have emerged in the cybersecurity space as the world shifted to a remote work model in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. / CRN
  • Customers including 3M, AstraZeneca, Vanguard, and Latent Space will share how they are applying ML to create efficiencies, deliver new revenue streams, and launch entirely new products and business models. / Amazon Web Services
  • There is no company whose business model will not be profoundly affected by the transition to a net zero economy - one that emits no more carbon dioxide than it removes from the atmosphere by 2050, the scientifically-established threshold necessary to keep global warming well below 2 °C. / BlackRock
  • What the business models look like will determine whether the green light is given to plans like the newly announced SSE Thermal and Equinor joint venture to build a gas-fired power station with CCS in the north-east of Scotland. / Reuters Event
  • 54% of OTT brands plan to change their business models in 2021 to appeal to a wider range of viewers, with an additional 22% considering a change in their business strategies. / TV Tech
  • Rising costs due to duplicated structures in supply chains, data storage and research and development as well as declining economies of scale threaten the business model of export-oriented German SMEs in particular. / downloads
  • A flurry of new threats, technologies and business models have emerged in the cyber security space as the world shifted to a remote work model in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. / Black Arrow Cyber
  • We must apply new thinking, new technologies, and new business models to create a more sustainable animal protein industry for the whole planet to feed 9.7 billion people by 2050, sustainably and responsibly, and within our planet's boundaries. / @dsm
  • For networks, the Spanish plan envisages supporting the industrial development of large-scale storage, digitalisation of the distribution networks, and new business models through direct investments and support schemes. / Oxera
  • The Home Office plans to break the business model of people smugglers. / Migration Watch UK Blog

Last updated: 20 June 2021