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  • [New] Air pollution is one of the most serious threats to global public health, but there is hope for a cleaner future. / British Science Association
  • [New] Investment in nature-base solutions is considered an opportunity for countries, cities, business and society, as it can contribute to economic recovery after the global pandemic, but also reduce emissions and strengthen climate change resilience, biodiversity, health and wellbeing. / Eventbrite
  • [New] An estimated 40,000 health care workers with DACA or TPS status risked their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic but do not have the certainty of permanent residency in the U.S. and could still be deported. / KQED
  • [New] The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) health system has partnered with a medical device vendor to develop health IT that will boost interoperability and improve the patient experience. / EHRIntelligence
  • [New] While, cobalt is the battery metal at the highest risk of being exploited in ways that damage the health of people and the environment, the looming supply crunch expected over the next four years and increasing cobalt prices, could see artisanal miners respond. /
  • [New] The results in Asia, Southern Europe, and the global South make clear that health risks from climate are happening in places that historically have had little to do with causing climate change. / SciDev.Net
  • [New] India's Bharat Biotech said it submitted an application to the World Health Organization for an emergency use listing of its COVID-19 vaccine, known as Covaxin, and a regulatory approval could be granted as early as July. / FiercePharma
  • [New] Increase in clinical trials, product launches, and approvals, and rise in investment by key players are projected to propel the oncology nutrition market in North America. / MedGadget
  • [New] Any further uncontrolled outbreaks, such as we have seen in India and other countries such as Nepal, not only risk overburdening fragile health systems in lower-income areas, but also facilitate further chances for new variants to emerge. / The Conversation
  • [New] As the world gets used to new ways of engaging with customers and doing business, insurers need to revitalise their offerings in keeping with the changing definitions of health, risk, security, and stability. / Fortune India
  • [New] With 137 million euros, the EU cannot possibly hope to address COVID-19 while also sustaining the funding needs of all other human development priorities such as the Global Fund or the EU-WHO partnership to strengthen health systems for universal health coverage. / DSW is a global development organisation
  • [New] 14% of health care organizations expect to have a blockchain-based system in place by the end of the year, with 70% expecting to invest in implementations by 2020. / Tata Consulting Services
  • [New] Governments around the world have provided science-based dietary advice for more than a century, continually updating their recommendations to prevent nutrient deficiencies, reduce chronic disease risk, and improve human health. / Frontiers
  • [New] California air quality regulators will likely vote in July on a plan that would require two San Francisco-area refineries to install technology to curb pollution that exacerbates health problems. / American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers
  • [New] Health Canada has proposed a single regulatory framework for clinical trials for all health products that will support innovation and streamline drug and medical device development. / European Pharmaceutical Review
  • [New] The World Health Organization has called out the dangers of mercury in skin lightening creams, while studies have found endocrine-disrupting chemicals in hair relaxers and other products marketed to women of color. / CNN
  • [New] Germany's election makes the negotiations particularly difficult given a deep-seated fear within many Northern countries that banks in Southern Europe are in poor health, a concern born out of the sovereign debt crisis. / Politico
  • [New] In 2021, Ireland will contribute to an investment of over €100 million in support to global health, including addressing HIV/AIDS. / Department of Economic and Social Affairs
  • [New] Given that large volumes of vaccine will be available from COVAX later in the year, COVAX urged development banks to take urgent steps to release funding that developing countries need to prepare their health systems for mass vaccination. / CIDRAP

Last updated: 20 June 2021