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New Normal

  • [New] Tehran's backing of militant proxy groups has alarmed and alienated regional powers, as well as European states that might otherwise be skeptical of U.S. efforts to isolate Iran. / WSJ
  • [New] Remote juries could jeopardise the security of court proceedings, alienate participants, and prove more expensive than in-person hearings, the Law Society has warned. / Law Gazette
  • [New] The US has found uses for cheap Asian labor while remaining hostile to Asian families, because of the risk that alien social values might be reproduced on white American soil. / The New York Review of Books
  • [New] Whatever the outcome of Zapad 2021, Ukraine is likely to face a new normal of military tension and danger well into the future. / ICDS
  • [New] Taiwan faces the constant threat of natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, and droughts and floods are also becoming a new normal. / The Strategist
  • Managing invasive alien species is an absolute imperative if Africa's agriculture is to meet its full potential and feed its growing population - which is expected to double to 2.5 billion people by 2050 - and contribute towards global food security, added Madam Sacko. / Agrilinks
  • At the global level, climate change is the most prevalent threat to natural World Heritage sites, followed closely by invasive alien species. / IUCN
  • The automated in-lab IVD solution will allow NGG Thailand to launch the Qualifi Prenatal Test and be the first laboratory in South East Asia to detect anomalies that targeted assays miss and deliver more insights into the health of a pregnancy compared to standard NIPT offerings. / Antara
  • Roughly one of every four U.S. adults has a disability, and the disability community accounts for more than $500 billion in disposable income.2 Companies with incompatible websites risk alienating a large number of potential consumers. / Loyalty360
  • Streaming grows on the main screen as multiple devices jostle for share Conviva's latest report into the state of global streaming suggests that big screens dominating viewing might become the new normal for streaming. / CSIMagazine
  • Being a part of the digital global economy opens new opportunities to participating countries and allows them to boost their economy through a series of digital transactions, which are slowly becoming the new normal arrangement thanks to the rise of technology. / Entrepreneur
  • A pressing challenge for Russia, as well as the EU, is posed by the danger of painful European economic sanctions pushing Putin's regime into the arms of China. / TDHJ
  • NASA has used the famous Hubble Space Telescope to do science that will one day be used as a means of detecting alien life on other planets. / The Space Academy
  • Two-thirds of Americans believe there is intelligent life on other planets, 56% believe that we have already made contact with them or will within 100 years, and over half believe UFOs might be alien spacecraft. / The Guardian
  • Now that the world is gradually returning to a new normal, financial institutions must devise an authentication strategy for their contact centers that balances the FI's unique risk tolerance with the customer experience. / Risky Business
  • The project, considered as the largest unconventional gas development in Saudi Arabia, will provide additional gas for domestic consumption and valuable feedstock to petchem projects. / Energy Norther Perspective
  • Capgemini has conducted research among employers and employees across the world which concludes that remote working is the new normal, with 75% of organisations expecting at least some remote working in future. / Accord Marketing
  • Managing Invasive Alien Species is an absolute imperative if Africa's agriculture is to meet its full potential and feed its growing population - which is expected to double to 2.5bn people by 2050 - and contribute towards global food security, added Madam Sacko. /
  • NVIDIA Morpheus is a cloud-native cybersecurity framework which uses machine learning to identify, capture and take action on threats and anomalies that were previously impossible to identify, including leaks of unencrypted sensitive data, phishing attacks and malware. / AI-TechPark
  • Indie films like Manchester by the Sea and unconventional shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Transparent gave Amazon a foothold in Hollywood; domination will require a steady supply of mainstream hits. / The New York Times
  • Security researchers at Anomali Threat Research observed a new campaign whereby threat actors used Microsoft Build Engine to filelessly deliver the Remcos remote access tool (RAT) and password-stealing malware commonly known as RedLine Stealer. / IT Pro
  • In today's world of ubiquitous connectivity, any service disruption is bound to upset subscribers, and mediated data can be used to detect anomalies that affect network stability and service performance. / Forbes

Last updated: 20 June 2021