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  • [New] Firm targets WHO's global targets are to vaccinate at least 10% of the population of every country by September, at least 40% by the end of 2021, and 70% by the middle of 2022. / Saudigazette
  • [New] To sum up, while today's growth and inflation prospects suggest the ECB may be able to start reducing the pace of its asset purchases from September, it will still have to keep an eye on global financing conditions. / S&P Global Platts
  • [New] Industries that are carbon intensive and exposed to international trade may be at risk of losing market share in the case that Macedonia adopts a carbon price and its trading partners do not. / Article
  • [New] Food demand is continuing to increase as a consequence of the increase in global population, and will undoubtedly continue to do so in the medium term. / MDPI
  • [New] Exporting hazardous plastic waste and plastic waste that is hard to recycle from the EU to non-OECD countries will be banned. / Environment
  • [New] Exporting plastic waste from the EU to OECD countries and imports in the EU will be more strictly controlled. / Environment
  • [New] Pesticides were linked to health risks, while opponents had claimed a ban on pesticides would have led to more expensive food, greater dependence on imports and job losses for the Swiss food processing industry. / MSN
  • [New] By 2050 renewables will still only account for 28% of total energy use - which would be in contradiction of global climate targets - but researchers at Stanford University in the US believe a target of 100% renewable energy is possible by 2050 for 139 countries they assessed. / wp-content
  • [New] There's a disconnect, where even though about 72% of people in the US say global warming is happening, only 40% say that they think that it will affect them directly. / The Guardian
  • [New] New Zealand's relationship with China faces roughly identical issues to Australia's, but has to date held up better, even as Foreign Minister Mahuta warns of a 'coming storm'. / RUSI
  • [New] Given the interconnectedness of markets and the global nature of derivatives trading, harmonizing trade reporting mandates across jurisdictions will provide regulators around the world with a more complete and holistic view of the OTC derivatives market. / JWG
  • [New] Given the complexity of both the existing and emerging technology systems, even an economy as large as that of the United States cannot hope to be a global leader in all key technologies. / Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
  • [New] Despite being a global problem, climate change has disproportionately large impacts on non-Western countries in the form of extreme weather events, threats to food security, and displacement of communities. / handle
  • [New] The global market for voice assistant devices is expected to double from 4.2 billion to 8.4 billion devices between 2020 and 2024. / Linklaters LLP
  • [New] As the third country with the highest adoption of smart mobility solutions, Germany is expected to witness the most significant growth in the following years. / Trade Arabia
  • [New] There are other important dimensions to the bilateral relationships, chiefly security and trade, that mean that Australia will not be ostracised by its partners over climate change. / The Interpreter
  • [New] By supporting a range of high-quality and diverse EbA projects, the Global EbA Fund will encourage innovation and scaling up of NbS for adaptation worldwide. / Global EbA Fund
  • [New] Drought is a hidden global crisis that risks becoming the next pandemic if countries do not take urgent action on water and land management and tackling the climate emergency. / The Guardian
  • [New] A small parasitic wasp, called Macroglenes penetrans will attack wheat midge eggs or instar larvae and can help reduce 2022's population of wheat midge by up to as much as 30%. /
  • [New] China expects to complete work on its space station just two years ahead of the scheduled decommissioning and de-orbiting of the International Space Station (ISS), in 2024. / CBS News

Last updated: 20 June 2021