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DRIVER: 65% of children entering primary schools today will ultimately work in new job types and functions that currently don't exist. And, the pressure to perform and be tech savvy will only increase inexorably. Discover how your children's early lives will change and how you can help them live fruitful and happy lives into adulthood.

  • [New] Diabetes in pregnancy affects around 500 women in Bradford each year with risks of serious harm to mothers and their babies. / University of Bradford
  • [New] Investing in female learning was one of the best ways to lift countries out of poverty, saying it was a source of international shame that children around the world were cheated of opportunities to prosper and thrive purely because they are female. / The Telegraph
  • [New] As many as 1.6 million New Jersey kids are going to benefit from the Child Tax Credit, getting money into the pockets of the vast majority of New Jersey kids and their families. / North Jersey Media Group
  • [New] In Lebanon, the avalanche of crises from the financial to the political to COVID-19 and the Beirut port explosion has pushed hundreds of thousands of Syrians as well as Lebanese deeper into poverty, heightening risks of (school) dropouts, child labor, and child marriage. / Wilson Center
  • [New] After 30 years of development, a medical device designed to continuously monitor the airways of the tiniest ventilated patients could become the standard of care for babies worldwide. / Purdue University
  • [New] Canada is the first country in the world to have started vaccinating children as young as 12, despite a negligible risk of serious illness, described as completely wrong, morally by the scientist who led clinical trials for the AstraZeneca vaccine at Oxford University. / Global Citizen
  • [New] For some majority world women, migration into employment in the care economies of the West can mean access to income earning opportunities, greater economic independence and a chance to improve material lives of children. / European Parliament
  • [New] The pivotal expansions to the child tax credit in the American Rescue Plan will cut child poverty, work toward closing racial disparities and lay the groundwork for creating a stronger and more equitable economy. / The National Interest
  • [New] The CDC does not recommend masks for children under the age of two due to the risk of suffocation, nor does it recommend masks for anyone who has trouble breathing or who is unable to remove a mask without assistance. / American Alliance of Museums
  • [New] The Child Tax Credit in the American Rescue Plan provides the largest Child Tax Credit ever and historic relief to the most working families ever - and most families will automatically receive monthly payments without having to take any action. / The White House
  • [New] One in five young people in Haiti believes that violence prevents children from going to school, and nearly one in two reports that fear is the main effect of violence on children. / ReliefWeb
  • [New] COVID-19 has exacerbated underlying inequalities, leading to one of the worst education crises in history for children around the world, but especially for the most marginalised and at risk girls. / G7 UK Presidency 2021
  • [New] Girls in LMICs are particularly put at risk by school closures, with predicting that up to 2.5 million more girls around the world are at risk of being forced into child marriage over the next five years. / Frontiers
  • [New] By 2050, the number of people aged 60 years and older will outnumber children younger than five years old, bringing common health concerns associated with ageing into the fore. / ScienceDaily
  • [New] About 4.4 million people out of a population of 11 million are estimated to be food insecure in Haiti, including 1.9 million children, with UNICEF warning that access to nutritious food will worsen if a storm strikes Haiti. / Newsroom
  • [New] U.S. children and adolescents may be at higher risk for vaccine - preventable diseases this fall as vaccination levels have not caught up with pre- pandemic coverage. / WebMD
  • [New] The G7 commits to two new global SDG4 milestone girls' education targets: 40 million more girls in education by 2026 in low and lower-middle income countries; and 20 million more girls reading by age 10 or the end of primary school by 2026, in low and lower-middle income countries. / G7 UK Presidency 2021
  • [New] Frontline services helping women and children experiencing domestic and sexual violence will be given an extra $60 million as the NSW government tries to tackle cycles of abuse in families. / The Sydney Morning Herald
  • [New] Brazil's health regulator approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine Friday for use in children aged 12 and up, though they will likely have to wait months in line for older age groups to be vaccinated first. / Medical Xpress
  • [New] Mexican authorities are deporting the vast majority of unaccompanied children from Central America to their home countries - often where they just fled threats or violence - even though most have family in the United States with whom they are trying to unite. / Amnesty International USA

Last updated: 24 June 2021