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  • [New] Like Europe's landmark GDPR privacy law, the EU AI strategy could lead the largest companies in the world that deploy artificial intelligence to change their practices worldwide. / Wired
  • [New] By using cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence, long term earth observation data can be used to model and predict future scenarios. / The CABI Blog
  • [New] In India, hospitals are using AI to predict a patient's heart attack risk seven years before it might happen. / Devex
  • [New] Global digitalization is creating new opportunities to use the potential of 5G, edge, artificial intelligence, and cloud to reshape industries ranging from manufacturing to retail, health care, education, and more. / VentureBeat
  • [New] In the coming years, more frequent use of Internet of Things technology will enhance the user experience and make it even better. / Data Science Central
  • [New] Winning WARC Media Awards campaigns highlight the opportunity for brands to use AI to learn and predict customer behaviour patterns, enhancing the entire customer journey. / ISD Global
  • [New] A Gartner Report entitled Choose the Right Center of Excellence for Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy found that 50% of organizations with over three AI initiatives underway will create an AI CoE by 2022. / Forbes
  • [New] Researchers from the University of California San Diego recently built a machine learning system that predicts what a bird's about to sing as they are singing it. / TNW | Neural
  • [New] As a manufacturer of some of the world's highest-performing cars, Ferrari will rely on AWS's advanced analytics, machine learning, compute, storage, and database capabilities to rapidly achieve insights into car design and performance on the road and track. / Business Wire
  • [New] The risk of discrimination is a central issue for lawmakers around the world as they weigh how to regulate the use of AI technology. /
  • [New] AI can consume enormous amounts of data to drive real-time pattern detection and mitigate risk from global disruptive events. / Supply Chain Digital
  • [New] The spread and influence of disinformation could soon get worse as U.S. adversaries, whether countries or eventually criminal or terrorist networks, gain access to artificial intelligence, or AI. / Voice of America
  • [New] Experts doubt that ethical AI design will be broadly adopted as the norm within the next decade. / Washington Dailies
  • [New] The race between the US and China is particularly hot; Deloitte analyst Costi Perricos says AI will become the next kind of superpower for nations to compete over. / Wired UK
  • [New] Russia's Military Industrial Committee has approved plans to derive 30% of Russia's combat power from remote-controlled systems and platforms enabled by artificial intelligence by 2030. / International Defense Security & Technology Inc.
  • [New] Russian investments in artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies will help their soldiers counter the physical, cognitive, and operational challenges of urban warfare and perform better in future conflicts. / International Defense Security & Technology Inc.
  • [New] In response, 68% chose the option declaring that ethical principles focused primarily on the public good will not be employed in most AI systems by 2030; 32% chose the option positing that ethical principles focused primarily on the public good will be employed in most AI systems by 2030. / Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech
  • [New] The integration of fraud detection systems with AI, machine learning, and analytical technologies is expected to boom market growth in the coming years. / funding-for-insurely-accountsiq-katana-etc-we-feature-qas-with-matti-ronkko-of-cooler-future-and-daniel-andemeskel-of-universal-investment
  • [New] The rapid development of technologies such as cloud, AI, digital twins and edge computing means almost every industry will digitally transform itself, with data at the heart of it, to be more intelligent over the coming years. / The Engineer
  • [New] Globally the CrowdStrike Threat Intelligence team has seen an increase in eCrime of over 330% since the start of the year versus in 2019. / Enterprise Channels MEA

Last updated: 23 June 2021