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WHAT'S NEXT?: Automated vehicles could lead to a significant increase in vehicle-sharing and a significant reduction in the size of the global vehicle fleet, emissions, travel time, associated infrastructure and costs. By 2030, electric vehicles could represent about 30 percent of all new cars sold globally. Future connected car applications will drive a 150% increase in demand for contextual information between now and 2020.

  • [New] General Motors Announces Big Increase in EV Spending: GM keeps raising its target for spending on electric and autonomous vehicles, something it did again on Wednesday with the release of a plan to spend $35 billion by 2025, an increase of 30% from the previous investment level. / Inside Climate News
  • [New] One of the bigger uses of the new money coming in for electric vehicles at GM is going to be two new battery cell factories in the US. / Electrek
  • [New] Toyota is sticking to its delusional belief that battery-electric vehicles are not necessarily the future as they claim hybrids and fuel cell hydrogen will stay competitive for the next 30 years. / Electrek
  • [New] Deakin University's Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation will explore new possibilities for autonomous vehicles in the military as part of a $3.5 million agreement with the Australian Army. / International Defense Security & Technology Inc.
  • [New] Advanced, lithium-based batteries play an integral role in 21st century technologies such as electric vehicles, stationary grid storage, and defense applications that will be critical to securing America's clean energy future. / CleanTechnica
  • [New] Smart vehicles will see explosive growth after 2023, and 50% of new cars sold in China's first-tier cities will have smart features in 2025. /
  • [New] The sector of smart electric vehicles is picking up speed in China's big cities, and their sales are expected to soar rapidly when high-level autonomous features are available. /
  • [New] Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., which makes snowmobiles, boats and personal watercraft, plans to spend a total of $300 million over the next five years to develop electric vehicles. / WSJ
  • [New] The US aims to phase out new internal combustion-engine cars within the next 20-years and will be replaced with electric vehicles (or EVs as they are known). / FXStreet
  • [New] The supply constraints could force automakers to produce 1.5 million to 5 million fewer vehicles in 2021 than originally planned. / ABC News
  • [New] National Grid has joined seven major utilities in the Electric Highway Coalition, which will enable more electric vehicle charging stations near highways across the United States. /
  • [New] China is projected to produce around 13 million battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) by 2023, more than any other nation in the world. / Gatestone Institute
  • [New] More than 50% of vehicles will be produced by the end of 2030 that use combustion engines, hybrid technology, and electric power to operate. / Data Science Central
  • [New] Scheduled to lift-off in June of 2021, the vehicle, called ION SCV Dauntless David, will deploy six satellites into distinct orbits and perform the on-orbit demonstration of three payloads. / Battle Space
  • [New] Buyers of Volkswagen brand's ID full-electric cars will soon be able to upgrade their vehicles with over-the-air updates and transfer their personal settings between different cars, paving the way for lucrative add-on services. / Automotive News Europe
  • [New] The green transition has barely begun: by 2030 production of electric vehicles must be ten times what it was last year if the world is to stay on track for net zero. / The Economist
  • [New] In summary, it is becoming clear that the capital-intensive development of ADS and AV technology will be handled by a handful of companies which will either offer ADS to OEMs or will develop and operate fleets of autonomous vehicles. / Autonomy Paris
  • [New] The rising demand for electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles will enable the speedy expansion of Bluetooth in the automotive industry in Asia Pacific. / Yahoo Finance
  • [New] The passenger cars segment is expected to account for a high share in the global market due to the higher production of passenger cars globally. / Yahoo Finance
  • [New] Hyundai Motor aims to produce 500,000 units of hydrogen vehicles and 700,000 hydrogen fuel cell systems for other vehicle manufacturers by 2030. / Korea JoongAng Daily
  • To stay on track for net zero, by 2030 annual production of electric vehicles needs to be ten times higher than it was last year and the number of roadside charging stations 31 times bigger. / The Economist

Last updated: 19 June 2021