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Artificial Intelligence

  • [New] Credit Collection and Collection Agency Services - Sourcing and Procurement Intelligence Report: The credit collection and collection agency services will grow at a CAGR of 11.52% during 2021-2025. / ADVFN Newspaper
  • [New] We should be early adopters and make game-changing moves in semiconductors, quantum computing, 5G broadband infrastructure and deep learning - which is expected to add $28 trillion to the global economy in the next 15 to 20 years alone. / KPMG
  • [New] A model predictive control (MPC) approach was utilized to train a machine learning model to predict moisture content and essentially build a virtual or soft sensor that can reliably infer when moisture content is optimal. / Rockwell Automation
  • [New] Led by Iowa State University, AIIRA will transform agriculture through innovative AI-driven digital twins that model plants at an unprecedented scale. / Beta site for NSF - National Science Foundation
  • [New] AI-EDGE, led by The Ohio State University and partially funded by DHS, will create new AI tools and techniques to ensure that communication networks are self-healing and self-optimized. / Beta site for NSF - National Science Foundation
  • [New] Researchers from McGill University, University of Montreal and two other organizations in France are using artificial intelligence to identify kids at risk. / Park Rapids Enterprise
  • [New] The role of AI and other technologies, such as machine learning, will be key in addressing CSDR requirements, and also for identifying and reducing the overall number of settlement fails across global financial markets. / Financial IT
  • [New] A Facts and Factors research report pegged the global Edge AI Hardware Market at an estimated 594 million units in 2019, but expected it to reach 2.16 billion units by 2026. / IoT World Today
  • [New] 5G is going to be the tissue that opens speedways for data to enable everything from artificial intelligence to heads up displays for airmen. / Federal News Network
  • [New] The impending advent of quantum computers with 1000 qubits, and their potential to disrupt business operations as well as global communications, is a real risk but also offers a great opportunity to empower AI and computing workflows. / Analytics Insight
  • [New] Global food delivery TAM assumes the global food delivery market continues growing at 10.9% annually from 2028-2030 (consistent with Research and Market's estimated CAGR through 2028). / Forbes
  • [New] With the rise in disruptive new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation, the world of work is changing. / 603
  • [New] With the RSA Conference a little more than 2 weeks away, there will be plenty of firms on the expo floor touting their security solutions based on AI, deep learning, and machine learning. / Wiley
  • [New] Capgemini plans to pair Qualcomm's technology with enterprise networks, cloud connectivity, edge compute and artificial intelligence to create private network solutions for its clients. / Fiercewireless
  • [New] Algorithmia's model serving will be integrated into DataRobot's existing monitoring and model management capabilities so that customers will be able to run any machine learning model. / SD Times
  • [New] In 2021, we will see an increase in demand for Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity to protect understaffed and under-resourced security teams from cyber threats. / The Tech Bizz - Digital Technology
  • [New] If adopted, the EU's Artificial Intelligence Act will be the world's most restrictive regulation of the development and use of artificial intelligence tools. / Center for Data Innovation
  • [New] In Europe, digital transformation is the biggest short-term source of opportunity, according to 69% of participants, with data analytics, AI and machine learning all considered to be the most critical success for the next one to three years. / UK Construction Online
  • [New] Pearson China wanted to digitise its textbooks and personalise the learning experience to give Chinese students more opportunity to practice English, and use artificial intelligence to empower teachers with highly accurate assessments and other tools. / Technology Record
  • Over the next few years, we can expect to see suppliers turning to AI and machine learning for tasks like identifying design vulnerabilities, threat modeling, and remediation. / Veracode
  • The future focus of AI will be how researchers create systems that allow robots to work hand-in-hand with humans. / Tech Xplore
  • An innovative measurement tool developed by an international collaboration led by James Cook University researchers could lead to significant improvements in treating lower back pain, thanks to artificial intelligence. / James Cook University
  • Machine learning - a form of artificial intelligence where a machine is taught how to learn to predict something - is already an integral part of many solar projects around the world, and is used to predict output hours in advance. / reneweconomy

Last updated: 01 August 2021