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  • [New] The software tools that Intrinsic is developing will allow more people to use industrial robots to make new products, businesses and services. / World News
  • [New] In one project, £22.6m will help the Advanced Machinery & Productivity Initiative in the North of England to drive innovation for advanced machinery manufacturers, putting them at the cutting edge of technologies such as robotics. / World News
  • [New] North America is the major region dominating the Robotic Exoskeleton Market with revenue of $184.54 M in 2020 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 13.3% during the forecast period of 2021-2026 to generate a revenue of $353.26 M in 2025. / IndustryARC
  • [New] Ford Motor is working with Argo AI to deploy its autonomous vehicles (AV) on the Lyft network in Miami later in 2021 and in Austin in 2022. / ITS International
  • [New] All that being said, robotics are an incredibly valuable and powerful tool that makes surgery more consistent and data driven which ultimately will drive significant value for global healthcare. / ZDNet
  • [New] Digital transformation in the manufacturing market is forecasted to grow at nearly 20% a year to reach £554 billion by 2026, creating huge volumes of data that can help manufacturers make smarter decisions than ever before. / Information Age
  • [New] Japan Post is committed to implementing mail delivery by drone in remote areas by 2023. / DRONELIFE
  • [New] Audi's Artemis project will spearhead major modules of the SSP starting in 2025, including the E3 2.0 software stack that allows Level 4 autonomous driving as well as a new battery cell technology. / Automotive News Europe
  • [New] Outlining its plans over the next few years, it hopes to deploy new technology in numerous ways, such as using digital innovation from real-time data and analytics and utilising robotic process automation to take advantage of the delivery of precision medicine in the future. / htn
  • [New] Researchers at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Technische Universitat MuUnchen have recently developed an autonomous planner that could be used to assemble reconfigurable structures directly in space. / AI Summary
  • [New] Gloucestershire Royal Hospital has become the first NHS hospital to start an upper GI programme with a new surgical robot, and will soon start a multi-specialty programme including colorectal surgery. / National Health Executive
  • [New] Semi-autonomous rides will be available from Lyft before the end of the year, following a deal with Ford and Argo AI. / AI Business
  • [New] Autonomous vehicles like the Olli will pave the way to shape the future of public transportation, not just in Jacksonville but nationally. / | The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing
  • [New] For the first time in the world, a storage battery site will be remote controlled using robots that collect data in real time, representing the first automatic control on a national energy grid. /
  • [New] In China for instance, restaurants have been using robot waiting staff for years now, while Japan's Dawn Avatar Robot Cafe is striving to create more job opportunities for disabled workers by using robots that are operated by employees remotely to serve food and drinks to patrons. / Eat. Drink. Sleep
  • [New] While still small compared to PC and server chips, Intel hopes that it can become a major supplier for self-driving cars, and earlier this week it said it would start t esting autonomous vehicles in New York City. / CNBC
  • [New] Cellular IoT subscriptions will grow in the range of 12-16% CAGR, depending on region, over the next five years, as remote working, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and other advanced use cases accelerate. / Verdict
  • [New] Ride sharing companies, like Uber, will have a large share in the Drone Taxi Market during the forecast period. / DRONELIFE
  • [New] Saudi Arabia could become a global leader in enabling heavy lift cargo solutions, and serve as a hub for emerging drone technologies. / The European Sting - Critical News & Insights on European Politics, Economy, Foreign Affairs, Business & Technology -
  • [New] In the North of England, £22.6 million will help the Advanced Machinery Productivity Initiative to drive innovation for the UK's advanced machinery manufacturers to put them at the cutting edge of emerging technologies such as robotics. / Electronics Weekly
  • The future focus of AI will be how researchers create systems that allow robots to work hand-in-hand with humans. / Tech Xplore
  • Google's parent Alphabet unveiled a new moonshot project to develop software for robotics which could be used in a wide range of industries. / Tech Xplore
  • Future manufacturing engineers will need to complement deep knowledge of automation and robotics with advanced communication skills and creativity to keep up with the pace of change in the next 10 years, a new survey by the IMechE and the Institution of Engineering and Technology has found. / Imeche

Last updated: 01 August 2021