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Energy Tech

  • [New] With increasing global demand for natural gas, the market for smart gas meters is expected to grow significantly from the perspective of their benefits for reducing environmental impact through the stable supply and improved efficiency of energy. / Panasonic Newsroom Global
  • [New] A smart meter data access initiative provides the UK with the opportunity to better understand the energy system and deliver impactful interventions to increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve decarbonisation. / Smart DCC
  • [New] As new threats emerge on energy systems - generally cyber and environmental - the DOD is now looking to bolster its backup power with battery storage, in place of a current preference for diesel generators. / T&D World
  • [New] A comparative assessment of existing worldwide hydrogen demand scenarios shows estimates varying between 6 and 25% of final worldwide energy consumption by 2050 (between 150 and 600 mega tonnes by 2050) depending on how hydrogen will compete with other clean solutions such as battery storage. / World Energy Council
  • [New] If so, an offshore wind industry might allow Australia to power itself almost entirely with solar and wind with relatively modest amounts of storage. / IFLScience
  • [New] The majority of existing green jobs are in products that monitor or improve energy efficiency but as the UK's green industrial base expands, the need for green jobs in other sectors (such as low carbon heat and electricity) is expected to grow rapidly. / UK Government
  • [New] Japan's new pledge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 46% or more by 2030 can be achieved with a combination of improved energy efficiency and renewable energy deployment. / World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  • [New] Acting for energy transition and savings Faurecia launched a global energy transition plan over the 2020-2025 period to develop digitalized energy efficiency as well as renewable energy self-production and supply for all Group sites around the world. / Faurecia
  • [New] Demand for lithium-ion batteries from transport and energy storage will surge to as much as 5.9 terawatt-hours a year in 2030, putting a strain on supply chains. /
  • [New] The UK would need storage across all energy vectors with a total power rating of 200-500 GW, of which batteries might need to provide 20-35%. / House of Commons
  • [New] Deployment of wind power need to increase by more than five times the 2020 total to more than 500 gigawatts a yea out to 2030, solar PV needs to treble to 45 5GW a year, while battery storage needs to increase 26 times to 24 5GWh a year. / reneweconomy
  • [New] Tesla plans to work with BHP on energy storage solutions that will help BHP lower carbon emissions in its operations through the increased use of renewable energy combined with battery storage. / CleanTechnica
  • [New] By 2030 there will be more than 820 metric kilotons of lithium ion batteries to recycle and that 799 metric kilotons will be reused (Circular Energy Storage [CES], 2021). / International Institute for Sustainable Development
  • [New] BHP will collaborate with Tesla Inc on energy storage solutions to identify opportunities to lower carbon emissions in their respective operations through increased use of renewable energy paired with battery storage. / International Mining
  • [New] Federal investment in advanced energy could reset Ohio's energy pathway by spurring new investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and energy storage. / Articles
  • [New] The upgraded energy conservation measures are expected to result in an annual savings of 113,840 million British Thermal Units, a 15.8% reduction in energy consumption and $3.4 million in water savings. / Defense Logistics Agency
  • [New] ReNew Power will be able to quickly act on insights and ensure best-in-class project delivery to support the use of cleaner and smarter energy in India. / Dassault Systemes
  • [New] Part of Pivot Power's programme to build a national network of Energy Superhubs - delivering up to 2GW of battery storage, almost 10% of UK need by 2050, and creating charging infrastructure to support the estimated 36 million electric vehicles on the road by 2040. / Pivot Power
  • BHP will collaborate with Tesla on energy storage solutions to identify opportunities to lower carbon emissions in their respective operations through increased use of renewable energy paired with battery storage. / Green Car Congress
  • To be located in Donghae City, the power generated by Bloom Energy will produce 35,000-megawatt hours per year of highly efficient, clean and resilient electricity, while capturing 4 million megacalories of thermal energy through the Power Tower and SK ecoplant's heat recovery system. / FuelCellsWorks
  • Kerry called on governments to invest in clean energy, holding out the prospect of a clean energy boom worth $4 tn a year by 2030, and said new technologies such as hydrogen and carbon capture and storage would also be needed. / The Guardian
  • China has proposed a target of carbon neutrality by 2060, and is expected to widely use sodium-ion in a variety of sectors including: electric vehicles, home or industrial energy storage, 5G communication base stations and renewable energy. / bestmag

Last updated: 01 August 2021