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Mobile Tech

  • [New] Without new revenue streams, investment in 5G in the UK will stall, and 5G will not deliver its full potential for businesses and consumers across the UK. / Vodafone UK News Centre
  • [New] While American telecom networks in nearby South Florida could provide connectivity, US mobile networks from companies like AT&T and Verizon are not compatible with the SIM cards in most Cubans' phones, which are configured for the ETECSA network. / Quartz
  • [New] Netflix's gaming venture will start with ad-free games for mobile devices like phones and tablets, which will be available on the streaming service at no extra cost. / CNet
  • [New] Bharti Airtel has inked a mobile networks deal with Intel that will see it tap into the flexibility of OpenRAN technology as it rolls out 5G. /
  • [New] A global ban on the trade in infection vectors would prevent commercial abuse of vulnerabilities in mobile phones, while still allowing researchers to identify and fix them. / The Guardian
  • [New] The need for mobile phones and national identity cards has resulted in the de-facto exclusion of Indigenous Peoples in Bangladesh from the opportunity to receive government cash transfers. / Fian International
  • [New] Mobile advertising: With ever-rising smartphone penetration and end-users' spending more and more time on their phones for e-commerce and entertainment including usage of videos and OTT platforms, mobile advertising will possibly become one of the biggest trends in 2021. / MediaNews4U
  • [New] Stronger CO 2 emissions standards for cars and vans will accelerate the transition to zero-emission mobility by requiring average emissions of new cars to come down by 55% from 2030 and 100% from 2035 compared to 2021 levels. / Green Car Congress
  • [New] Much more capacity and coverage will become available for KPN customers across the mobile network and the fast and stable 5G network will also be available throughout the Netherlands. / overons EN
  • RCS is closely tied to Google in many people's minds and Google offers RCS services to carriers and will even allow consumers to directly use RCS via its services if their carrier does not offer it. / The Verge
  • Mobile devices have become globally ubiquitous: Over six billion people around the world currently own a cellular device, with over 1.5 billion additional cell phones expected to ship in 2021. / Converge XYZ
  • The Australian government plans to provide most of the financing for the acquisition of mobile networks in six Pacific nations, a move that foreign-policy experts say is designed to block China from buying the strategically important assets. / WSJ
  • The mobility plan 'Good Move' (2020-2030) of the Brussels Capital Region entails Mobility-as-a-Service as a key component that integrates transport services into digital platforms. / MDPI
  • By 2030, Volkswagen Group will have systems capabilities for autonomous shuttle fleets, owning some of them and expanding its offerings of mobility services and financing. / Electric Cars Report
  • The U.S. government has an opportunity to engage and lead in the digital financial and ID infrastructure space to help countries unlock their full economic potential while simultaneously achieving their own national security priorities and creating new markets for U.S. goods and services. / CSIS
  • For security reasons, most states have barred use of technology that could allow disabled Americans to cast ballots electronically at home or on their mobile devices. / Center for American Progress
  • Software developer Anyline is creating more opportunities to use a smartphone's camera to its fullest potential, and it just closed on a $20 million growth round to further its mission of becoming the eye of AI. / Built In Boston
  • Mercedes-Benz has a global strategy to become carbon neutral by 2039 as it shifts from a being a vehicle manufacturer to a digital provider of mobility services'. / Auto Talk
  • While shipments of proprietary and cellular LPWA IoT devices are roughly equal today, over the next decade industry experts expect growth of cellular LPWA devices to outpace propriety LPWA devices. / Sierra Wireless
  • The MICA Network will help mobilize investments, grow Canadian SMEs and establish Canada's leadership role in addressing climate change. / MiningFeeds
  • Hitachi ABB will provide complementary technology - charging, asset management and predictive maintenance - to make mobility as a service a reality. / Hitachi Vantara

Last updated: 01 August 2021