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  • [New] The chief constructors council noted after considering the current condition of the Russian ISS segment that the use of the Russian ISS segment after 2024 creates additional risks due to the ageing of equipment. / Reuters
  • [New] The Scottish Government has committed to a £100 million Green Jobs Fund over the next five years, which will be used to support the development of sustainable and low-carbon products and services and will likely underpin additional growth. /
  • [New] The USFS could funnel additional funding to tree restoration projects through the Forest Stewardship Program, the Forest Health Management Program on Cooperative Lands, and the Urban and Community Forestry Program. / World Resources Institute
  • [New] Earlier in 2021, McDonald's announced in addition to its global elimination of PFAS from guest packaging in 2008, it would commit to remove all added fluorinated compounds from guest packaging by 2025. / NBC New York
  • [New] Send a Cow's strategic ambition of helping an additional 5 million people in Africa out of poverty by 2030 must remain absolute. / Send a Cow
  • [New] The Covid-19 crisis will result in an additional 10.9 million Nigerians entering poverty by 2022, defined as people living below the national poverty line of around $1 a day. / Human Rights Watch
  • [New] In addition to offering industry lowest forex spreads, Eurotrader clients will have the opportunity to trade on physical shares and futures on the world's leading exchanges. / Finance Magnates | Financial and business news
  • [New] An additional 500,000 people are expected to fall below the poverty line after the upcoming £20 per week cut to Universal Credit, meaning significant numbers of UK households remain in a highly precarious financial situation. / The Money Charity
  • [New] In addition to enhanced narrative projection, Chinese naval forces (particularly PLAN warships) can be expected to shadow the CSG almost from the time it enters the South China Sea until it leaves. / Council on Geostrategy
  • [New] Ocean energy would represent additional 350 GW of offshore renewable generation capacity by 2050, while 70 GW could potentially be installed by 2030, IRENA's analysis indicates. / Offshore Energy
  • [New] The Digital Dairy Value-Chain, led by Scotland's Rural College, could generate an additional £60m a year for a region which yeilds nearly two billion litres of milk annually. / FutureScot
  • [New] Countries with approved World Bank vaccine projects that confirm the purchase of additional doses through COVAX will agree with COVAX on the number of doses of a specific vaccine as well as related windows of delivery. / World Bank
  • [New] Chinese companies will start with allowances that use benchmarks based on previous years' performances. / IER
  • [New] We expect the demand for digital banking and financial technology (fintech) in Indonesia to grow along with the increasing convenience and speed of services, in addition to the lower costs compared to the traditional banking services. /
  • [New] Following clinical trial results, daily contact testing will be rolled out to further critical workplaces in England so that contacts who would otherwise be self-isolating can instead take daily tests, with an expected initial additional 200 testing sites. / GOV.UK
  • [New] In addition to New York State, there are several other states that have laws or regulations requiring mental health education, and in the coming years, more will likely be added. / Mental Health America
  • [New] The MQ-9B system will bring unparalleled reconnaissance capability to the RAF and help to ensure the security of the UK and its allies. / sUAS News - The Business of Drones
  • [New] 12.2 GW of new wind capacity are expected for 2021, plus an additional 15.4 GW of solar. / Blog
  • By 2050 an additional 175M people could be deficient in zinc and an additional 112M people could experience protein deficiencies due to carbon dioxide rates caused by climate change. / Save The Children
  • In addition to mobile broadband, Verizon plans to use C-Band spectrum for its 5G Home Internet fixed wireless access service, which today covers 47 markets using mmWave. / Mobile World Live
  • After the 2 gigawatt prototype has undergone tests in September, China plans to build its first commercial thorium reactor. / Live Science

Last updated: 01 August 2021