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Voice Assistants

  • [New] Beijing's technology and online tuition clampdown has roused investors to the dangers of political risk in China and resulted in them ditching PRC equities. / SinoInsider
  • [New] Voice Search: Data has been illustrating that people are constantly looking for the most convenient way to gain information or news, so it only makes sense that 2021 will be seeing an increase in voice search technology. / Tiky Web
  • [New] By 2024, digital voice assistants will be installed on 8.4 billion smartphones, tablets, computers, appliances, and cars. / VentureBeat
  • [New] Amazon notes that its Shaq and McCarthy voice options will not work with the first-generation Echo and Echo Dot devices, as well as wearables that have Alexa voice support. / SlashGear
  • [New] Advances in voice cloning have brought computer-generated audio to a level the BBC reports is now said to be unnervingly exact and that some experts believe may constitute a substantial security hazard. /
  • [New] LAO PDR Digital transformation is increasing agricultural sector climate resilience in Lao PDR FAO is working with Government of Lao PDR with support from the Global Environment Facility to bring about a digital transformation that will improve the capacity of farmers to tackle climate change. / Food and Agriculture Organisation
  • [New] Facebook ads are considered an asset by many advertisers who value the opportunity to create campaigns with specific goals and objectives. / Semrush
  • [New] Hundreds of businesses worldwide rely on Redline to engineer, plan and deliver ruggedized, secure and reliable networks for their IoT, voice, data, and video communications needs. / WebWire
  • [New] In 2021, the UK will continue to push for the UNSC to remain engaged on CAR, in the aftermath of elections, and for a range of voices to be heard. / GOV.UK
  • [New] As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, the solutions required to mitigate the climate crisis and build secure energy systems will require an 'all-hands-on-deck' approach. / Atlantic Council
  • [New] Approximately 55% of all households in the US are expected to own a smart speaker in 2022, and nearly 20% of all mobile search queries are currently done using voice search. / Search Engine Journal
  • [New] Voices regrouped in largely decentralized networks on Telegram and on other platforms whose servers tend to be based outside the US and whose potential for organizing orchestrated actions is very difficult to predict. / ETH Zurich
  • [New] The defense forces across the world are expected to get a lot more out of 5G telecommunications than they can out of today's voice and data radio. / asdreports
  • Soon connectivity could enable drivers to acknowledge and react to vital signs through the connection of wearable technology, or through voice assistants such as Amazon Echo or Apple Alexa and understand commands such as 'turn on the driver heated seat'. / Assurant
  • In a globalised world, many Europeans thought that Europe writ large needed a voice, and they were sympathetic to the argument that even large member states like France, Germany, or Italy could not be influential on their own. / FurtherArabia
  • AWS will develop the provision of operations management services beyond communication, messaging, and production services, such as Amazon Chime, Amazon Simple Queue Service, AWS Chatbot, and AWS RoboMaker. / The Kickass Entrepreneur
  • Already the preferred choice of some of the world's largest banks, enterprises and high-growth fintechs, ComplyAdvantage uses machine learning and natural language processing to help regulated organisations manage their risk obligations and prevent financial crime. / The Fintech Times
  • Services will include voice and video capabilities, such as Amazon's Chime SDK for embedded real-time communication. /
  • Sell, service, and engage smarter from anywhere: Customers will be able to innovate quickly with pre-built out-of-the-box applications and add-ons that leverage AWS services for voice, video, and productivity with AI/ML functionality. / Salesforce News
  • Salesforce will embed AWS services for voice, video, artificial intelligence, and machine learning directly in new applications for sales, service, and industry vertical use cases. / Salesforce News
  • Voice-based search has been on the uptick over the last decade, and data shows that sales of smart speakers will go up from $4.4 billion in 2017 to $17.4 billion in 2022. / AskSid
  • Canada's first-ever youth policy reflects the values and priorities of young Canadians, gives young people a voice in matters important to them, and creates more opportunities for young people to build a stronger and more inclusive Canada. / The Daily

Last updated: 01 August 2021