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Proximity Tech

  • [New] Banks such as IBM and JPMorgan Chase have been experimenting with quantum technology to gauge the specific actions it will be capable of performing on a wide scale in the near future. / Forbes
  • [New] Missions to asteroids, including missions intended to deflect asteroids away from Earth, will have to take keyholes into account. / Space
  • [New] Some asteroids are nowhere near an Earth-crossing orbit but are naturally close to one, or even dozens, of keyholes, so they pose a greater risk of becoming threats in the future. / Space
  • [New] Undergraduate and graduate students in STEM-related fields are invited to develop concepts for the 2022 Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts - Academic Linkage competition that will help extend humanity's presence further into the solar system. / DEfault Site
  • [New] Given the near total lack of trust between the United States and North Korea, policymakers cannot expect ideal verification conditions for potential near-term agreements. / Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • [New] Data and AI will be one of the key drivers of future growth in the near future. / 603
  • [New] How many students will be affected annually is unclear, in part because the U.S. government has not said which Chinese entities are deemed to be supporting the military-civil fusion strategy and which fields of study are considered sensitive or exempt. / Science | AAAS
  • [New] A clinical trial to test a tuberculosis vaccine candidate will begin in 2022, and BioNTech is collaborating with partners to develop vaccines against nine different infectious diseases as well as for cancer in the near future. / DABIGC NEWS UPDATES
  • [New] Without Nord Stream 2, Ukraine could shut down half of Russia's deliveries from arctic fields if Russia were to invade Ukrainian territory. / Hoover Institution
  • [New] The near future of U.S. reconstruction in Afghanistan will not be threatened by the unwillingness of the United States and international partners to continue to fund and support economic and social development. / Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction
  • [New] Two factors could slow the Phoenix market in the near term: markedly higher mortgage-interest rates or a downturn in another Western market that prevents homeowners from easily selling their homes there to move to Phoenix. / WSJ
  • [New] Britain has already announced plans to remove kit made by China's Huawei from its 5G telecoms network by the end of 2027. / Reuters
  • [New] With very few IoT specific degrees available within the United States, colleges are faced with a challenge and opportunity. / Open Access Government
  • [New] Beijing has released military propaganda warning Taipei to prepare for war as it establishes stronger ties with the United States. / CNN
  • [New] Donley's other example of a glaring omission is glyphosate-resistant bentgrass that escaped from field trials and is infesting riverbanks and irrigation canals on the Oregon/Idaho border with a zero percent chance of ever being contained, threatening the Oregon seed industry. / Friends of the Earth
  • China and global wind power market: Prominent regions China is projected to dominate the wind power market in Asia Pacific during the forecast period. / Trade Arabia
  • Governmental initiatives for achieving subsidy-free grid price parity for wind power are anticipated to boost the China and global wind power market in the near future. / Trade Arabia
  • Many radio telescopes under development will provide both high sensitivity and large FOV, and should offer much improved SETI detection rates. /
  • The current state of the materials shortage in the construction industry may be a messy global happenstance but for the near future the challenges of materials running low while demand increases will be difficult to contend with. / Planning, BIM & Construction Today
  • The United States should take advantage of any opportunities to resolve issues and remove points of Sino-American tension, recognizing that its bargaining position will gradually deteriorate over time. / Rand Corporation
  • The Power of Siberia pipeline runs through northeastern China, and Gazprom plans to increase its capacity by the end of 2022 by adding gas from the Kovykta field to its flow. / Wilson Center

Last updated: 01 August 2021