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  • [New] Virgin Hyperloop and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies are working to bring hyperloop into a reality by 2030. / Business Insider Australia
  • [New] There are ambitions that Korail and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies could deploy a full-scale hyper-tube network by 2024, cutting the journey time between Seoul and Busan from 3.5 hours to around 30 minutes. / E&T
  • The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) warns for another cannibalisation of land-based modes of transport, referring to the dominant role of road transport versus rail transport in a recently published position paper. /
  • DP World has launched Cargospeed, a partnership with Virgin Hyperloop One that will develop a hyperloop enabled cargo system. / 311 Institute
  • Virgin Hyperloop will make its first routes in India and Saudi Arabia, where the transport systems are overloaded or underdeveloped. / TNW | Shift
  • The well-studied economic benefits of hyperloop systems offer an opportunity for the US to once again become a leader in cutting-edge transportation. / HyperloopTT
  • In the next few years, Hyperloop Technology market size will be further expanded, we expect that by 2022, The market size of the Hyperloop Technology will reach 1350 million $. / Buzzing Asia
  • By 2030, Virgin Hyperloop could be whisking people between cities in a matter of minutes - rather than hours - in its futuristic pods. / Globetrender
  • Riyadh could easily become the epicenter for global hyperloop technology, creating thousands of local jobs, and once it is successful in the Kingdom that skillset can be exported worldwide. / The Economy Club
  • A hyperloop train system that could transport people at 700 mph has moved a step closer to reality thanks to the construction of the world's first safety valves. / ShinyShiny
  • On the Mumbai-Pune route, the Virgin Hyperloop system could reduce local greenhouse gas emissions by up to 150,000 tons (300 million pounds) annually. / - Indian Business of Tech, Mobile & Startups
  • Virgin Hyperloop is working toward regulating and certifying its hyperloop system - aiming to achieve safety certification by 2025. / Triple Pundit
  • Elon Musk's Hyperloop technology, where pods carrying passengers or freight travel faster than aircraft through a system of vacuum tubes, could make it possible. / CapX
  • Branson's company envisions a hyperloop system where a trip between New York and Washington could theoretically take just 30 minutes. / Pocket-Lint
  • Hyperloop technology will enable people to travel between Riyadh and Jeddah in 46 minutes. / The Economy Club
  • Hyperloop train is the next generation travel system which is going to be the fastest mode of transport in the world. / رسانه بک‌پرس
  • Virgin Hyperloop has released a new concept video, explaining how would-be passengers will travel in its proposed system of vacuum tubes. / Engadget
  • A cargo hyperloop system requires a smaller-scale infrastructure than the passenger system and will soon be tested at the European Hyperloop Centre in the Dutch province of Groningen. / Smart Cities World
  • A cargo hyperloop system requires a smaller-scale infrastructure th a n the passenger system and will soon be tested at the European Hyperloop Center in the Dutch province of Groningen. / Hyperloop Development Program
  • The collaboration between Technology Innovation Institute and Virgin Hyperloop will strengthen the position of the United Arab Emirates as a global research hub. / Virgin Hyperloop
  • South Korea is hoping to launch a hyperloop network by 2024, cutting the journey time between Seoul and Busan from three hours to 30 minutes. / Impact Lab

Last updated: 01 August 2021