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Fuel cells

  • [New] Hyundai's NorCAL ZERO project, also known as Zero-Emission Regional Truck Operations with Fuel Cell Electric Trucks, will deploy 30 units of Class 8 XCIENT Fuel Cell, with a 6×4 drive axle configuration, to northern California by the second quarter of 2023. / Auto Connected Car News
  • [New] Toyota currently does not sell any electric vehicles in major markets outside China, but it said in April that it plans to sell 15 battery-electric models globally by 2025, part of a wider lineup of 70 battery-electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to offer diverse choices to buyers. / Chicago Tribune
  • [New] The UK could make better use of fuel cells in conjunction with electrolysers in a range of stationary applications. / House of Commons
  • [New] In the Air Nostrum deal, Universal Hydrogen will sell 11 turboprop H2 conversion kits, which include a fuel cell and electric powertrain for replacing the conventional plane turbine engines. / Hydrogen Fuel News
  • [New] Approximately 90% of the 2,654 Games vehicles will be electric-drive vehicles, including hydrogen fuel cell, plug-in hybrid and other hybrid vehicles, thanks to Worldwide Olympic Partner Toyota. / Global Citizen
  • [New] Fleet projections point to trucks employing a wider variety of powertrains in 2030, with the main focus on battery electric trucks, followed by hydrogen-powered fuel-cell trucks. / wp-content
  • [New] Business conglomerate Reliance Industries, which owns some oil industry and telecoms and more, plans to invest more than $10 billion in three years in a new business unit that will build solar modules, battery storage, electrolyzers, and fuel cell factories. / Resilience
  • [New] Reliance Industries plans to mass produce solar panels, renewable hydrogen, fuel cells and batteries in Jamnagar, alongside the world's largest oil refinery. / Climate Home
  • Local manufacture of hydrogen fuel cells will improve the hydrogen eco-system supply chain and provide a long-term sustainable solution to supply domestic industry and help Australian key industries meet their net-zero targets. / Hydrogen View
  • The projected investment in renewable hydrogen production globally will provide a growing opportunity for the deployment of hydrogen-powered fleets utilising either Cummins fuel cells or engine power. / Hydrogen View
  • Through the MOU collaboration to commercialize a reliable hydrogen fuel cell system package for ships, Hyundai Motors will supply the fuel cell systems and provide technical support. / Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide
  • Projected total cost of ownership by utilising the high efficiency Fuel Cells: FCEV (Fuel Cell Electrical Vehicles) will be more efficient than BEV and ICEV by 2027. /
  • The system and engineering support from Proton Motor will allow Electra to expedite the development of its new range of fuel cell - battery electric trucks that will help meet the increasing demand for zero-emission trucks in the UK. / Hydrogen View
  • Sales of new energy vehicle (NEV), including battery electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, in China are expected to grow more than 40% a year in the next five years. / AsianPolyGlotView
  • The 2030 Green Ship-K Promotion Strategy, a central part of South Korea's plans to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2050, specifically targets the advancement and wider use of low-carbon ship technology, including hydrogen fuel cells and propulsion systems. / Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide
  • Hydrogen fuel cell trucks will become cost competitive with diesel powered vehicles by 2030 in terms of their total cost of ownership. / Hydrogen Fuel News
  • Founded by former Airbus technology chief Paul Eremenko, Universal Hydrogen aims to speed up the introduction of hydrogen for smaller regional airplanes to 2025 by using fuel cells fed by modular hydrogen capsules to replace their turboprop systems. / Reuters
  • More than 50 million tonnes of hydrogen will be used in transport by 2050, either directly in fuel cells, or as part of synthetic fuels, while European industry will require 45 million tonnes. /
  • A team from Trinity College Dublin is fine-tuning a means of using renewable electricity to split water molecules into their constituent atoms, to release energy-rich hydrogen, which they say could be stored and used in fuel cells. / The Independent
  • The HYVIA hydrogen venture between carmaker Renault and U.S. company Plug Power will sell products throughout Europe, and will assemble fuel cells and hydrogen refueling stations at the Flins factory in France in late 2021. / FuelCellsWorks
  • Hyundai Motor Company has set an annual sales goal of 110,000 fuel cell electric vehicles worldwide by 2025, under its 'Strategy 2025' plan. / Vehicle Telematics, ADAS, Connected and Autonomous Vehicle
  • Hyundai Motor has stepped up marketing for its hydrogen-powered trucks as a clean alternative to diesel trucks as it set an annual sales goal of 110,000 fuel cell electric vehicles worldwide by 2025. / Be Korea-savvy
  • To understand the challenge New Jersey has proposed to impose on truck manufacturers, New Jersey will require approximately 2.8% of Class 7 and 8 trucks sales to be electric or fuel cell by 2025. / IER

Last updated: 01 August 2021