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  • [New] Lloyd's will design insurance for electric vehicles which will cover a breakdown in internet connections, and look at ways to insure hydrogen transportation. / Insurance Journal
  • [New] Global demand for hydrogen will rise significantly in the coming years and, thanks to its international presence, is in a position to respond globally and flexibly to changed demands in regard to transporting the clean gas. / Hydrogen View
  • [New] Air Products will be starting the conversion process for its own global fleet of distribution vehicles, turning them into hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. / Hydrogen Fuel News
  • [New] The cost of green hydrogen production in Australia will fall to $ 1.7/kg, 37% below the expected cost in Japan and South Korea. / Edison
  • [New] The demo trucks that Hyundai will bring into the United States are developed based on XCIENT Fuel Cell, the world's first mass-produced, heavy-duty truck powered by hydrogen. / Auto Connected Car News
  • [New] Toyota currently does not sell any electric vehicles in major markets outside China, but it said in April that it plans to sell 15 battery-electric models globally by 2025, part of a wider lineup of 70 battery-electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to offer diverse choices to buyers. / Chicago Tribune
  • [New] Looking beyond onshore wind, Scotland and Ireland's abundant renewable energy resource can support the establishment of a hydrogen economy, presenting long-term opportunities to export green hydrogen to regions around the UK and to mainland Europe. / Daily Business
  • [New] An innovative £10M research project will investigate the potential of harnessing offshore wind and marine renewable energy to produce zero carbon hydrogen and ammonia fuels. / Maritime Journal
  • [New] Blue hydrogen will get its own certification system in a 'Hydrogen and Decarbonised Gas Market Package' in the final months of 2021. / Energy Monitor
  • [New] BC's Hydrogen Strategy highlights BC's intent to achieve cost parity between green hydrogen and fossil fuels, and sets a price target for green hydrogen of less than $ 3/kg by 2030. / Gowling WLG
  • [New] Expenditure on CCUS infrastructure, including hydrogen production and greenhouse gas removal projects, is set to surge over the coming decade in response to UK climate targets, including the recent goal to slash emissions 78% against 1990 levels by 2035. / Corporate Citizenship Briefing
  • [New] Airbus has set a target of commercial climate-neutral flights by 2035, with hydrogen as a primary power source. / BBC News
  • [New] Russian gas giant Gazprom expects demand for natural gas to grow in the coming decades and for it to play a bigger role in energy consumption than renewable sources and hydrogen. / Observer Research Foundation
  • [New] Fossil fuels fare better in the Gray Scenario, where CCS offers a way forward for coal in power generation and industry, and reverses some of the decline seen in gas from 2030. / BloombergNEF
  • [New] New demand for hydrogen in 2050 is just 190 million metric tons in BNEF's Gray Scenario, compared with 1,318 million tons in the Green Scenario, where it increases to around 22% of total final energy consumption, compared with less than 0.002% today. / BloombergNEF
  • The green hydrogen is planned to be transported via a pipeline, called AquaDuctus, to Heligoland starting in the year of 2028. / en
  • Because hydrogen loads are flexible and hydrogen will be needed every day for long-distance, heavy transport, the annual average hydrogen load can initially be spread evenly each hour of the year. / Stanford University
  • With the anticipated investment, Australia is likely to become a net exporter of green (emission-free) hydrogen given the number and size of projects either under construction or planned versus the domestic demand level, with the first export volumes available from 2025. / Edison
  • The Finnish technology group Wartsila will provide engine generating sets running on a hydrogen and natural gas blend for Keppel Offshore & Marine's offshore floating testbed in Singapore. / Offshore Energy
  • As of 2022, all other INNIO Jenbacher gas engines will be offered with a Ready for H 2 option, capable of running with up to 25% volume of hydrogen in pipeline gas and being able to be readily converted from natural gas to 100% hydrogen operation. / FuelCellsWorks
  • Japan had high hopes for Australia's endeavour to become a world leader in hydrogen production and exports. / The Guardian

Last updated: 01 August 2021