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Digital Twin

  • [New] For instance, the US Army is currently creating a digital twin of its Black Hawk helicopter to evaluate the potential role 3D printing could play in its future supply chain. / 3D Printing Industry
  • [New] Digital twins created in Autodesk Tandem are designed to improve operational efficiency and enable predictive maintenance to prevent disruptions and reduce operating costs. / Leading media for CAD, CAM Industry Updates
  • The University of Leeds is working with the local council and other institutions under the 'Self Repairing Cities' initiative to use a mix of robotics and the digital twin to eliminate unnecessary street-works by 2050. / CBRE
  • The construction software market is currently upwards of $10 billion and could grow significantly thanks to the adoption of digital twins. / VentureBeat
  • Moving forward, digital twin technology will be crucial to helping industry leaders remain profitable while adapting their business models in response to change and a planet already in flux. / Forbes
  • Companies such as Boeing create digital twins of airplanes so engineers can test the virtual version without putting anyone at risk. / Blog - Hexagon PPM
  • The rapid development of technologies such as cloud, AI, digital twins and edge computing means almost every industry will digitally transform itself, with data at the heart of it, to be more intelligent over the coming years. / The Engineer
  • With 35% of APAC executives reporting that their organisation is currently using digital twins for innovation, Carrel-Billard expects digital twins to unlock new opportunities to operate, collaborate, and innovate. / iTnews Asia
  • We believe an increased demand for digital twins by owners and operators of buildings and infrastructure will create new market opportunities for digital technologies and digitization of the AEC industry. / VentureBeat
  • Once operational, the University of Oxford will evaluate the performance of the hybrid battery against a digital twin. / E&T
  • China has the potential to overtake the United States in terms of products manufactured using digital twins by 2024 under current conditions. / ABI Research
  • The digital twin market is estimated to grow to $24.81 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 39%. / TechRepublic
  • Omniverse anticipates a world-scale effort initially to create digital twins of everything and establish a constant and accurate mixed reality clone of the planet. / Datamation
  • By 2022, 40% of IoT platform vendors will integrate simulation platforms, systems, and capabilities to create digital twins. / FNT
  • Equinor's digital twin of the entire Johan Sverdrup field is helping optimize operations at the field that will account for up to 25% of Norway's total offshore production. / JPT
  • � The businesses that start today, building intelligent twins of their assets and piecing together their first mirrored environments, will be the ones that push industries. / v30
  • The market for digital twins is projected to reach USD $48.2 billion by 2026. / PCSG
  • Though only 5% are actively using digital twins today, one-quarter of respondents indicated their company plans to undertake a digital twin initiative in the next five years, primarily to increase business agility and increase the number of first-time right products. / Altair Newsroom
  • The market for digital twins is growing with the adoption of IoT technologies: According to MarketsandResearch, up to 91% of IoT platforms will offer digital twinning capability by 2026, and digital twinning will become standard in IoT application enablement by 2028. / Redshift EN
  • Further out, IDC saw 30% of cities using automation from the combination of IoT, AI, and digital twins, to blend the physical and digital and improve the remote management of critical infrastructure and digital services by 2025. / Forbes
  • The digital twin market is expected to experience significant growth due to the increasing adoption of Industry 4.0 worldwide. / grandviewresearch

Last updated: 01 August 2021