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Big Data

  • [New] In Spain, the tax audit plan has publicly confirmed the use of big data to analyse TP risks through an automated risk analysis. / International Tax Review
  • [New] 28% of companies will be using AI and big data to optimise drug discovery and development processes in the next two years, while 32% would be relying on big data to streamline sales and marketing. / European Pharmaceutical Review
  • [New] The Big Data and business analytics revenue report from Statista showed the forecast of the Big Data market that it will grow to US$ 274.3 billion by 2022 with a five-year CAGR of 13.2%. / Analytics Insight
  • In a statement Vodafone said that it is going to utilize its knowledge in Big Data, AI and cybersecurity to accelerate the digital transformation of companies in Galicia. / Geospatial World
  • The market of big data analytics is growing dramatically, and will reach up to $62.10 billion by the year 2025. / Data Science Central
  • The North America is expected to occupy the largest market share during the forecast period owing to the rising advancements in technologies such as big data, IoT and wireless sensor networks. / Research Nester
  • The 2023-2026 strategy aims to position the CBUAE among the world's best ten central banks and support digital transformation in the financial services sector by deploying the latest technologies in artificial intelligence and big data. / Middle East Business and Financial News
  • SDEC will leverage the public cloud service of Alibaba Cloud, especially its advanced features such as elastic computing, big data and artificial intelligence. / Digital News Asia
  • More widely, digital health - which comprises technologies such as mobile health, telemedicine, artificial intelligence and big data - is a rapidly growing international industry that will be worth $504.4bn by the end of 2025. /
  • AI, will establish a research and development center in Israel, tapping into the local talent to spearhead the advancement of AI and Big Data technologies and their application across multiple sectors such as, banking, healthcare, public safety and others. / Middle East Forum
  • Based on the demands and growth of the IT industries around the world, the future of Big data and its technologies will be shaped. / Analytics Insight
  • Atos and Thales announce the creation of Athea, a joint venture that will develop a sovereign big data and artificial intelligence platform for public and private sector players in the defence, intelligence and internal state security communities. / ATOS
  • The European Commission has identified High Performance Computing (HPC) as a strategic investment priority that will underpin its entire digital strategy, from big data analytics and artificial intelligence to cloud technologies and cybersecurity. / Forum Europe
  • The big data market will grow by over $100 billion by 2025 due to more and more companies investing in technology to drive more business decisions from big data collection. / Dataversity
  • The global market for general-purpose AI support of big data and prescriptive analytics will reach $1.35 B. / The Daily News
  • The global market for big data in business intelligence applications will amount to $50.4 billion by 2026. / SearchDataManagement
  • The need for data center infrastructure market management among organizations to offer higher energy-efficiencies will be positively driven by the influx of cloud computing, Big Data, and AI solutions. / Data Science Central
  • The modern world's increasing acceptance of big data will make its presence felt in the smart mobility trends of 2021, as data-driven mobility becomes an ever-influential player in the world of transportation. / HTEC Group
  • 85% of companies will adopt data analytics and big data by 2022, which will generate jobs with related roles. / GlobeNewswire News Room
  • Based on expert views, big data and AI will play a leading role in improving global food security by helping to reduce losses and increasing yields. / SAIFood
  • Financial institutions across the globe will need to focus on AI, big data analytics and processing power - as well as make the organizational change initiatives and strategic partnerships - to meet the needs of customers and truly differentiate. / Dallas Innovates

Last updated: 01 August 2021