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Air taxi

  • [New] The city of Los Angeles has chosen Archer Aviation to provide an air taxi fleet for its Urban Air Mobility Partnership - a public-private partnership between Los Angeles and other tech companies - by 2024. / Exploding Topics
  • Some technology developed from Pratt's hybrid prop engine in Canada could also transfer to other products, such as engines for air taxis and lucrative single-aisle jets. / E&T
  • By 2026, leading eVTOL developer Joby Aviation expects that its fleet of commercial air taxis will be performing over 12 million flights per year, or more than 35,000 flights per day. /
  • Volocopter expects EASA, then FAA certification for commercial launch in the next two to three years, developments that would position the VoloCity to be the first to enter the electric air taxi market. / Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
  • The VoloCity is planned for certification by the end of 2022 and Volocopter expects to begin air taxi service in Paris and Singapore in 2023. / Aviation Week
  • Joby Aviation, the US-based aerospace start-up, plans to launch a commercial air taxi service in 2024. / Smart Transport Conference
  • Last month, Joby Aviation and Archer Aviation, which are both electric air-taxi companies that do not expect any revenue for years, said they planned to go public via SPACs that valued them at $6.6 billion and $3.8 billion, respectively. / Star Tribune
  • Joby Aviation is a California-based transportation company developing an all-electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft to serve as a fast, quiet, and affordable air taxi service from 2024. / Drone Tech
  • Germany's Lilium has announced a 7-seat version of its gorgeous eVTOL air taxi, as well as plans to have a commercial operation up and running by 2024. / New Atlas
  • Many companies around the world are currently developing a variety of air taxis, which will be used to transport passengers in cities. / Inceptive Mind
  • Volocopter has already committed to running air taxi routes safely and quietly in Singapore and Paris, and plans to offer further routes across Europe, Asia and the U.S. /
  • As the first and only electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) company to receive Design Organisation Approval by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, Volocopter expects its first commercial air taxi routes to be opened within the next two years. / index.php
  • An airport for flying car s will thrust the English city of Coventry into the future later in 2021, with a project aimed at demonstrating how air taxis will work in urban centers. / Autoblog
  • Volocopter's air taxi services will offer a unique service that will save people time, promote sustainable alternatives, and bring people together with the excitement of electric flight. / settings
  • Joby Aviation is a California-headquartered transportation company developing an all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft which it intends to operate as part of a fast, quiet, and convenient air taxi service beginning in 2024. / Yahoo Finance
  • Malaysia's AirAsia plans to launch air taxi service in about 18 months. / Financial World
  • United estimates that Archer's aircraft could slash carbon dioxide emissions by 47% per passenger on a trip between Hollywood and Los Angeles International Airport - the route where Archer plans to launch an air taxi service by 2024. / The National
  • Volocopter has raised €322 million to date, and says it expects its first commercial air taxi routes to be opened within the next two years. /
  • Archer plans to begin production of its electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (eVTOL) vehicle in 2023 and enter the air-taxi market in 2024. / Aviation Week
  • Do not tell that to Archer Aviation, a California start-up that plans to launch a fleet of air taxis as early as 2024. / Hackaday
  • Joby Aviation acquired Uber's air taxi arm - known as Uber Elevate - late last year, and said the move to go public coupled with the more than 1,000 test flights it has completed in the past decade will give it a substantial first-mover advantage in the aerial ridesharing industry. / Smart Cities Dive
  • Archer Aviation, another electric flight company, plans on merging with blank-check company Atlas Crest Investment Corp, and it has said it would launch an air taxi service in Los Angeles by 2024. / The Verge

Last updated: 01 August 2021