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  • [New] The UK has now outlined new regulations, angled towards science, which will see it become the first country in Europe with the ability to launch spacecraft and satellites from its soil. / DEfault Site
  • [New] Croatia will increase its investment in research infrastructure and try to make research careers more attractive - for example, by offering fellowships for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and introducing a career development framework tailored to different disciplines. / Research Professional News
  • [New] Early-stage investment in tomorrow's technologies, like robotics, advanced materials, and new methods of manufacturing, will help make the UK a world leader in manufacturing, matching its successes as a science superpower. / The Engineer
  • [New] The artificial intelligence (A.I.) company DeepMind says it will soon release a database of the shape of every protein known to science - more than 100 million. / Live Science
  • [New] China's government plans to implement a raft of new measures to support women working in science and increase the number of women working in senior research roles. / Chemistry World
  • [New] Around Rs135 crore is expected to be spent over the next five years to help India move forward towards Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0 and make digital India a reality. / ABPEducation
  • [New] By using data science techniques to large volumes of data, they could apply machine learning techniques to develop a newer model that helped them better understand how energized particles from space rain down into Earth's atmosphere, where they drive space weather. /
  • [New] A credible, science-backed climate goal for the Australian government is reducing its emissions 75% below 2005 levels by 2030, and reaching net zero by 2035. / Climate Council
  • [New] As part of the next generation of the Adobe Education Exchange, college instructors and students will be able to use Adobe Analytics - the industry-leading customer data analytics platform - for free and get access to course curriculum with hands-on activities. / News
  • [New] Demand reduction technologies are needed to reduce UK energy demand by 40% by 2050 through applied data science that drives behaviour change and regulation. / UK Government
  • [New] Materials science and technology will be essential for attaining several of the UN Sustainability Goals, 2 e.g., Clean Water, Clean Energy, and Industrial Innovation. /
  • [New] Novartis US Foundation plans to invest $20 million to help prepare up to 1,200 Black and African American students to become the next generation of leaders in health, science, technology and business in collaboration with Thurgood Marshall College Fund. / Novartis
  • Through the Future Fund: Breakthrough programme, British Patient Capital will make equity co-investments with private sector investors in later stage R&D-intensive UK companies operating in breakthrough technology sectors, such as quantum computing, cleantech, and life sciences. / Future Care Capital
  • By 2035 scientists will leave their physical laboratories and move to virtual labs, letting smart technologies conduct experiments and compute rapid analysis on big datasets within a relative short time. / Frontiers
  • China will speed up the research and development of key technologies in fields such as integrated circuits, life sciences and artificial intelligence and accelerate the construction of national laboratories in Pudong. / CGTN
  • Vection is a new Canadian science experiment that will use a virtual reality system to examine how microgravity affects astronauts' perception of their motion. / A New Space Strategy for Canada
  • Over the next decade, New York City will expand its investment to $1 billion to develop the life sciences industry by launching new commitments as part of LifeSci NYC. / press-release
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology is launching a STEM initiative that will expose high school students to forensic science as a pathway to higher education. / Campus Technology
  • In a world advancing technologically at breakneck speed, the key to future prosperity for Australia will be our ability to be at the forefront of the big advances in science and the emerging technologies of AI, machine learning and quantum computing. / Australian Financial Review
  • The Strategy signals and seeks to build upon the centrality of AI for Irish society and business, crucial to the development of the science and technology sectors which will lead to investment and innovation. / Lexology

Last updated: 02 August 2021