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  • [New] Rolling out Intelligent Transport Systems on certain sections of the road network will improve road safety and create secure and safe parking infrastructure for heavy goods vehicles in Spain, Romania, France, Hungary and Italy. European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executi
  • [New] A security-oriented self-reliance policy that focuses on the entire value chain would inevitably disrupt the current global semiconductor production system by incurring significant economic costs and diverting economic resources that could be used to strengthen the U.S. position at the top end. The Diplomat
  • [New] New versions of the Android operating system will make it easier for people to use other app stores beyond Google Play on their devices. National Technology
  • [New] UK big four supermarket Asda is set to deploy Salesforce technology as it looks to give a 360-degree view of its customers, providing personalised and tailored experiences that will revolutionise the consumer grocery experience. Retail Technology Innovation Hub
  • [New] Biden's struggling to make big systemic changes at home will not impress countries such as China, India and Russia as the United States pushes them to end their dependency on coal and make other big emissions cuts. PBS NewsHour
  • [New] Given the challenges facing the public healthcare system, increasing the role of private providers will be essential if Egypt wants to meet its ambitious goal of universal healthcare coverage within the next eight years. IFC
  • [New] The governance model allows a capitalist bubble to coexist within a socialist country, with a pledge that Hong Kong's capitalist system and way-of-life will remain unchanged for 50 years. CNN
  • [New] PubHub, a new network being created in the Netherlands by Dutch academics, envisions a system of networks based on important institutions in people's lives. Stanford Social Innovation Review
  • [New] Up to £5m a year will support Scottish manufacturers with a proof-of-concept ZE vehicle, component or system that is moving towards low-volume manufacturing.
  • [New] Although the UK has one of the world's most open immigration systems for skilled workers, there are limited opportunities for people to move to the UK without a formal job offer. The Entrepreneurs Network
  • [New] People have become the primary attack vector for cyber attackers around the world, so humans rather than technology now represent the greatest risk to organizations. SearchSecurity
  • [New] To address both climate and air pollution risks and meet its population's escalating demand for energy, India will need to dramatically decarbonize its energy system in the coming decades. MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change
  • [New] For public transport, the TMPQ will expand public transport network coverage throughout Qatar, improve cost recovery in public transport and also improve integration between public transport networks and systems. The Peninsula Qatar
  • [New] The draft rules would set tougher standards for the concentration of risk outside the financial institution, and would also require assessments of outsourcing to technology firms outside of India. American Banker
  • [New] The Sino-British Joint Declaration and the Basic Law promise that Hong Kong will enjoy a high degree of autonomy and its capitalist system and freedoms shall remain unchanged for 50 years. The Foreign Correspondents' Club, Hong Kong | FCC
  • [New] Under the MoU, Hyundai will support Czech firms to develop hydrogen mobility by supplying hydrogen fuel cell systems and technologies related to it. FuelCellsWorks
  • [New] We now start the construction of the public hydrogen network in the Netherlands, which will be a great boost for the transition towards a more sustainable energy system. H2 View
  • [New] SMART currently comprises an Innovation Center and five IRGs: Antimicrobial Resistance, CAMP, Disruptive and Sustainable Technologies for Agricultural Precision, Future Urban Mobility, and Low Energy Electronic Systems. MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • [New] Leica Geosystems, a division of Stockholm-based digital reality technology company Hexagon, released a new tool last week that has the potential to help cities become more sustainable and maintain existing infrastructure by speeding up the process through which they can create digital twins. Smart Cities Dive
  • The sustainable recycling process will now be applied for the first time on a 123-foot-long landing boat at the German Naval Yards' facility using the technologies developed by Leviathan. The Maritime Executive
  • IonQ and GE are able to use a large set of data to model predictability associated with future risk across up to four variables using their quantum computers. IonQ
  • All electricity systems in Canada have work to do, even places like B.C. that have relatively clean grids now, because systems are going to have to all grow significantly in the coming decades. Business In Vancouver
  • The joint statement said: The G7 commitment to move away from fossil fuels will require investment in low-carbon technologies combined with strong policies that further accelerate the transition towards a clean and secure energy system. World Nuclear News

Last updated: 04 July 2022