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  • [New] New technology for measuring topography is illuminating key questions about Earth processes and helping address urgent societal challenges related to geologic hazards, resources, and climate change. / National Academy of Sciences
  • [New] The level of accuracy is unprecedented and while earlier, people were trying to piece together strands of DNA that were a few hundred base pairs long, the technology used by the Telomere-to-Telomere Consortium used sequencing technology that could scan 20,000 base pairs at one go. / The Hindu
  • [New] Advances in technology and the increased use of dark web and encrypted platforms, additional staffing will be required over the next four years. / SysSiteAssets
  • [New] Domestic IT giants are bracing for tougher rules for H-B1 visas in the US and disruptions due to new technologies. / The Economic Times
  • [New] When quantum computers are put into practical use, it will be possible to decrypt the RSA encryption 1 currently used for Internet encryption, and the contents of communications may be stolen. / Blogger
  • [New] In a release, Xplornet said it plans to unlock the potential of 5G technology across rural Canada with the roll out of its 5G wireless service starting in fall 2021. / MobileSyrup
  • [New] With cloud technologies reaching new capacity levels to process millions of computers combined with millions of algorithms, more unique opportunities are being created to boost citizens' progress fueling India's ambition to become a trillion-dollar digital economy by the end of this decade. / Times of India
  • [New] A smart meter data access initiative provides the UK with the opportunity to better understand the energy system and deliver impactful interventions to increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve decarbonisation. / Smart DCC
  • [New] Addressing the root drivers of migration in northern Central America and strengthening asylum policies and systems in countries like Mexico will also be critical to respond to the humanitarian crises in Latin America. / International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  • [New] Highview Power has developed a long-duration energy storage solution using zero emissions cryogenic technology, exporting to Spain customers from the UK and will use Spain as a platform to access Latin America. / Transport Times
  • [New] People without banking accounts or people experiencing homelessness could access payments through a banking system run by the United States Postal Service. / Truthout
  • [New] Despite the unique challenges associated with South Africa's mining conditions, embracing new technologies and digitally driven processes could result in mass benefits to the local mining sector. / TechFinancials
  • [New] Using new real-time control technology developed by South East Water's technology division, IoTA, a network of smart rainwater tanks will be created and deployed around the Monbulk Creek catchment, in collaboration with Council, householders and local businesses. / The University of Melbourne
  • [New] As COVID-19 continues to impact businesses the world over, Netlinkz has identified opportunities to grow its secure technology offering globally. / Proactiveinvestors UK
  • [New] Many small-scale producers live in climate vulnerability hotspots - if they are not supported to adapt to the impacts of climate change, it will have a devastating impact on rural communities and the global food systems of which they are the backbone. / DW.COM
  • [New] TILOS will improve semiconductor design and operations by using AI to solve very large-scale optimization problems beyond the reach of modern computer science techniques. / Beta site for NSF - National Science Foundation
  • [New] Scientists at Japanese steel manufacturer Nippon Steel recently came up with a quantum optimization algorithm that could compete against its classical counterpart for a small problem that was run on a 10-qubit quantum computer. / ZDNet
  • [New] Researchers said in a recent paper that they have invented a machine learning system using low-cost, easy-to-use technology that could bring satellite analytical power to researchers and governments worldwide. / Lifewire
  • [New] NTT DATA will work with Argonne to mature their IT operations, modernize their end-user experience, and identify technologies that drive the most impact, while developing comprehensive project plans that include extensive testing, piloting and roll back procedures. / en
  • [New] NTT DATA will bring 50+ years of government experience to deliver continuous service improvements and technology innovations for Argonne Labs. / en
  • [New] Advanced technology will be used to pilot new manufacturing techniques that will allow Ford to research and quickly scale breakthrough battery cell designs with novel materials as part of its plan to vertically integrate battery cells and batteries. / The News Herald
  • [New] The Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy will contribute to a number of initiatives, including the development of competitive quantum computers and the establishment of the Quantum Association. / adminaus

Last updated: 02 August 2021