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  • [New] Researchers from the University of California San Diego recently built a machine learning system that predicts what a bird's about to sing as they are singing it. / TNW | Neural
  • [New] The integration of fraud detection systems with AI, machine learning, and analytical technologies is expected to boom market growth in the coming years. / funding-for-insurely-accountsiq-katana-etc-we-feature-qas-with-matti-ronkko-of-cooler-future-and-daniel-andemeskel-of-universal-investment
  • [New] Cloud-based hyperscale computing and machine learning enable organizations to collaborate across datasets, create and leverage global infrastructures to maintain data integrity, and more easily perform machine learning-based analyses to accelerate discoveries and de-risk candidates faster. / Healthcare IT News
  • [New] Over the next few decades, there will be a growing need for an aviation industry workforce rigorously focused on safety that can apply and develop Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology. / ELE Times
  • [New] Companies in manufacturing expect efficiency gains over the next five years attributable to digital transformations, including the adoption of AI and machine learning. / VentureBeat
  • [New] ANI could encompass something as simple as a Tomahawk missile that is programmed to accept GPS signals from space, or as advanced as the Pluribus program that engaged in an advanced form of machine learning. / Army University Press
  • [New] Women will miss out on top jobs in data science and machine learning in the next five years if action is not taken due to just 10% of women working in that talent pool. / Tech Nation
  • [New] The secure cloud's role in supporting data strategies could be significant, with the global cloud analytics market expected to grow by 25% to US$ 65.4 billion by 2025, cloud ML expected to reach US$ 13 billion by 2025, and cloud-adjacent technologies, including edge and quantum, on the rise. / Deloitte Insights
  • [New] European technology developers will export their machines to countries such as the U.S., Chile and India, and provide cheap renewable power to islands and remote areas. / Open Access Government
  • [New] Far from being a spam filter, the Vade Filter Engine today features multiple AI technologies, including Machine Learning and Computer Vision, to protect users around the world from sophisticated email threats, including phishing, spear phishing, and malware. / Vade Secure
  • [New] When scaled, AI is a lynchpin to business survival: Three out of four C-suite executives believe that they will risk going out of business if they do not scale artificial intelligence in the next five years. / Transport Times
  • Over the next few decades, there will be a growing need for an aviation industry workforce rigorously focused on safety that can apply and develop AI and machine learning technology. / Tech Xplore
  • AI and machine learning will be foundational to the future of technological innovation, and there is significant room for expansion in air transportation and aviation. / Tech Xplore
  • While Apple's machine learnings and artificial intelligence tools are not directly tied to augmented reality, they represent abilities that will be important for a computer interface that works in 3D spaces. / Business News World
  • AI and Machine Learning - AI is projected to have a market value of $733.7 billion by 2027. / -DQChannels
  • We live in a world of constant development and changes where innovative technologies like IoT, sensing technologies and wireless sensors networks, 5G and beyond, UAV, machine learning, advanced data analytics will fundamentally redefine the world as we know. / telsiks-2021-special-sessions
  • In 2021 or in 2022, the Shanghai company will provide another set of AC-production machines to Cambodia - which we may be setting up in Battambang - because there are many DBST [double bituminous surface treatment] roads that need to be turned into AC roads. / Phnom Penh Post
  • If Ray Kurzweil is right, machines will have sentience, and AI, or artificial intelligence, will be greater than human intelligence, resulting in a hypothetical event known as an intelligence explosion or technological singularity. / Transhumanist Party
  • The REvil ransomware gang will infiltrate a system and steadily expand to several other machines while collecting unencrypted data via the remote access offered by the Trojan. / E Hacking News - Latest Hacker News and IT Security News
  • Advances in the technology have brought down the cost of gene sequencing significantly and the machines are now small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. / Horizon: the EU Research & Innovation magazine
  • Cloud-native IoT platforms will see a tremendous growth over the next few years, with consultancy Gartner projecting that by 2023, 10% of all managed machine-to-machine communication will be provided by cloud providers, up from less than 1% in 2018. / Information Age
  • Machine learning could one day be used to classify unidentified species in the NEON bycatch (species caught other than the target species) and answer new questions about invertebrate diversity and abundance across North America. / Entomology Today
  • Graphcore has developed a new processor called the Graphcore IPU, which it is confident will become the worldwide standard for machine intelligence for use in everything from self-driving cars to robotics. /

Last updated: 20 June 2021