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  • [New] Credit Collection and Collection Agency Services - Sourcing and Procurement Intelligence Report: The credit collection and collection agency services will grow at a CAGR of 11.52% during 2021-2025. / ADVFN Newspaper
  • [New] In a world where vaccination rates are limited by the number of available vaccine doses, every vaccine dose we get today is one that a poorer country will not get until later. /
  • [New] While demand bottlenecks and pent-up supply chains are putting more pressure on prices, the International Monetary Fund expects inflation to recede to pre-pandemic ranges in 2022 in most advanced economies. /
  • [New] Slovenia plans to use a part of the allocated EU support to invest in sustainable transport, unlock the potential of renewable energy sources and further digitalise its public sector. / Council of the European Union
  • [New] Some of the largest asset managers, including BlackRock, are pushing companies to disclose emissions across their supply chains and draw up plans to decarbonise their operations. /
  • [New] Companies with supply chains running through China must be diligent in reviewing their global operations and guarding against disruptions from current and future trade actions. / JD Supra
  • [New] Helium-compatible Lark Alert sensors enable customers to monitor, track, predict, and visualize anything - from fridge temperatures to cattle locations. / The Helium Blog
  • [New] Financial markets are tense ahead of the Fed's meeting this week as policy makers grapple with an increase in coronavirus infections and a disrupted global supply chain that could lead to more price pressure. / Archyworldys
  • [New] Healthcare Ready will receive $325,000 which it will use to make the U.S. healthcare supply chain more resilient to disruptions and to promote an equitable response, especially in communities of color. / 7 John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
  • [New] Pandemic-related disruptions, including a global shortage of computer chips, have highlighted the need to shore up supply chains and create new production capacity for a forthcoming wave of electrified vehicles. / The Detroit News
  • [New] With global vehicle demand at record levels, component supply will have a strong influence on the rate of its delivery growth for the remaining months of the year. / National Technology
  • [New] A related issue that India will raise is that of supply chains for materials and items required for vaccine production. / The Diplomat
  • [New] Super Hornet Block III on offer to the Indian Navy will come with advanced network architecture that will provide opportunities to interface seamlessly with other US origin assets including Indian Navy's P - 8 Is. / The Financial Express
  • [New] The Landscape Resilience Fund, supported through the SCCF-supported GEF Challenge Program for Adaptation Innovation, aims to mobilize $100 million in private sector investment by 2025 for climate adaptation projects that support sustainable agricultural and forestry supply chains. / Adaptation Fund
  • [New] As the Delta variant spreads in other parts of the world, particularly Asia, it could accentuate problems in the global supply chain, which are already affecting the industries behind products like cars and semiconductors. / The New Yorker
  • [New] On vaccines, India will continue to push for ensuring open and consistent supply chains for materials and items required for vaccine production, as India ramps up both for domestic vaccination and as for global supplies thereafter. / The Times Of India
  • [New] At a time of scarcity and slow distribution of vaccines to the Global South, diplomatic relations between vaccine recipients and China will mostly remain appreciative. / Voice of America
  • [New] Earlier in 2021 Walmart said of its 2021 capital investment plan, around $14 billion will focus on supply chain, automation, customer-facing initiatives and technology. / RIS News
  • [New] Benchmark forecasting that nickel demand from the battery sector will surge to 1.7 million tonnes by the end of the decade, with the battery supply chain representing 35% of total demand, up from a little over 5% today.85% of BHP's nickel is now sold to global battery material suppliers. / Green Car Congress
  • [New] Demand for lithium-ion batteries from transport and energy storage will surge to as much as 5.9 terawatt-hours a year in 2030, putting a strain on supply chains. /
  • As major disruptions continue to strain global supply networks, cloud-based technologies will continue to play a central role in building resilient supply chains that keep goods moving without interruption. / Oracle
  • Vaccine doses should be shared quickly, there should be no manufacturing barriers, and financing support should be secured to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines, which will bring global economic recovery. / Mint

Last updated: 31 July 2021