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WHAT'S NEXT?: Design thinking will increasingly play a key role in improving systems and customer experiences. Companies will re-learn their approach to innovation and embrace human-centred design principles. Designers will begin to apply knowledge of human interaction, specifically in the area of how we earn trust and respect, to AI systems.

  • [New] Colorado has been building a strong strategic partnership with India, and opportunities continue to grow for businesses in both regions. / Office of Economic Development&International Trade
  • [New] The two vehicle-to-grid chargers are expected to generate more than $135,000 in savings for customers, building on GMP's earlier work with V2G, using stored energy in a Nissan Leaf for peak energy reduction. / Vermont Business Magazine
  • [New] Texas plans to build power plants that will generate 11.6 gigawatts (GW) of solar electricity, 8.4 GW of wind electricity, and only 5 GW of natural gas electricity. / Midland Reporter-Telegram
  • [New] In finance, the capabilities of the Bank of England and its role as a widely respected prudential regulator gives the UK a special advantage in designing integrated and streamlined regulation which effectively incorporates the risk of climate change into financial decision making. / Council on Geostrategy
  • [New] Improving mechanisms for financing federal fuel treatment, such as amending the USFS's budgetary authority to allow for longer-term contracts and greater leveraging of private investment, would help build capacity to address wildfire risk at scale. / World Resources Institute
  • [New] Meeting the need for large-scale fuel load reduction in U.S. forests will require federal investment in policy vehicles that help build long-term forest resilience while stimulating rural economies. / World Resources Institute
  • [New] Lloyd's will design insurance for electric vehicles which will cover a breakdown in internet connections, and look at ways to insure hydrogen transportation. / Insurance Journal
  • [New] A model predictive control (MPC) approach was utilized to train a machine learning model to predict moisture content and essentially build a virtual or soft sensor that can reliably infer when moisture content is optimal. / Rockwell Automation
  • [New] The US Army has selected five teams to proceed onward to the next phase of the revamped Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle programme, where they will spend the next 15 months working on concept designs. /
  • [New] CLIMATE: A years-long effort to incorporate climate change impacts into Minnesota's environmental review process could face delays after pushback from groups concerned about potentially higher building costs. / Energy News Network
  • [New] The agreement on health workers will not only avail employment opportunities for the many unemployed Health workers, it will in a big way build their capacity to further improve Health Service Delivery in Kenya and enhance their global competitiveness. / University of Manchester
  • [New] Advanced technology will be used to pilot new manufacturing techniques that will allow Ford to research and quickly scale breakthrough battery cell designs with novel materials as part of its plan to vertically integrate battery cells and batteries. / The News Herald
  • [New] Plans to build a string of new gas power plants could derail the UK's climate targets. /
  • [New] A startup called InnovaFeed is building a production site that will house more farmed animals than any other location in the history of the world. / RealClearScience
  • [New] Ghana expects many more doses to arrive in the coming months and is building up its ultra-cold chain capacity to handle a range of vaccines. / WHO | Regional Office for Africa
  • [New] Forming a joint venture with SES and tapping into its lithium-metal batteries is a solid risk hedging strategy, considering that the manufacturing process of lithium-metal batteries is compatible with that of lithium-ion batteries. / the korea herald
  • [New] Iraqi security forces, including the Kurdish Peshmerga, will have the backing of a superpower still available as they build their capacity and continue to fight the remnants of the Islamic State group (ISIS) attempting a resurgence. / United States Institute of Peace
  • [New] Digital currency powered by blockchain is among the core technologies Vietnam hopes to develop and master, alongside artificial intelligence, big data, augmented reality and virtual reality and augmented reality as part of building a digital government. / Fintech Singapore
  • [New] South Korea and United States Forces Korea are currently based around tit-for-tat legacy operational concepts designed to push back North Korean mass and distributed threats. / National Cyber Security News Today
  • [New] The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will invest $110 billion of new funds for roads, bridges, and major projects, and reauthorize the surface transportation program for the next five years building on bipartisan surface transportation reauthorization bills passed out of committee earlier in 2021. / The White House
  • [New] The ESB was tasked by the federal government last year to come up with its Post-2025 Market Design Options as it aims to outline the reform options needed to ensure a smooth energy transition in the. / on-the-record
  • [New] Organizations plan to have a much larger global footprint in the coming decade, highlighting the need for new HR and workforce technology designed for an evolving multinational environment. / SmartBrief

Last updated: 02 August 2021