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  • [New] Worldwide revenues for the AI market, including software, hardware, and services, will climb 16.4% in 2021 to $327.5 billion and will break the $500 billion mark by 2024. / VentureBeat
  • [New] Russia has shown little interest in joining the US-led lunar platform, known as the Gateway, which will be assembled later this decade. / BBC News
  • [New] One reason investors will probably still be interested in Rocket Lab is that, unlike a lot of the space companies that have recently gone the SPAC route to become publicly traded, the launch company has solid revenue, demonstrated hardware, and a path toward growing its business. / Ars Technica
  • [New] Worldwide revenues for artificial intelligence software, hardware and services will grow over 16% annually from 2021 to 2025 to reach $327.5 billion, forecasts International Data Corp. / Beaucoup Money
  • [New] Mainland China is improving its adoption of the Internet Protocol version 6 network, the software and hardware of the Internet TV network, which is expected to be updated soon on a much-larger scale. / PwC
  • [New] In 2021, there is 24% in services, 16% in hardware, and 24% in software while there will be 33% in services, 24% in hardware as well as a whopping 46% in software use in 2027. / Analytics Insight
  • Component (Hardware, Software, Services), Regional Outlook, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast 2027, by Global Market Insights Inc., the market valuation of digital health will cross $426.8 billion by 2027. / Yahoo Finance
  • Supplier Continental has been working with AEye for the past 10 months and has now announced that it will be using the LiDAR system in its suite of hardware and software for autonomous driving systems. / shinymetalboxes
  • Chinese makers of network software and hardware must alert Beijing within two days of learning of a security vulnerability in their products under rules coming into force in China in 2021. / The Register
  • Connected car hardware, software and services represent nearly $20 B of new revenue for automakers by 2025. / Auto Futures
  • The largest area of investment in 2021 will be hardware, where companies are expected to purchase $228 billion in endpoint devices, enterprise hardware, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and robotics and drones. / Digital Producer Magazine
  • B ack in March, Nokia and Turkey's Turk Telekom set a 5G speed record that reached over 4.5 Gbps using special hardware that consumers will presumably never get their hands on. / Gizmodo
  • The Design in India challenges will positively impact the product ecosystem of design and enhance the manufacturing facilities in India. / Electronics For You
  • Google Cloud plans to use the Cloud TPU VMs in its quantum computing plans. / InfoQ
  • E-commerce will play a big role in IBM's future, as businesses shift to buying both hardware and software online. / Brand NewMag.
  • HP Wolf Pro Security integrates Threat Containment based on micro-virtualization, Malware Prevention based on Next-Gen Anti-Virus, and Identity Protection - all integrated with HP's hardware security capabilities to deliver superior protection that is simple for IT to acquire, deploy and operate. / content
  • With the global EV infrastructure market set to exceed 55 million chargers in buildings by 2030, charging infrastructure needs to adapt to handle new hardware and increased power demand. / Business Leader Magazine
  • On road trips, the I-Pace will charge at 100 kilowatts using CCS hardware so as to recover 63 EPA miles in 15 minutes. / The Car Connection
  • Digital asset management firm Nexus Inc. will be integrating SpaceChain's Bitcoin hardware wallet with its existing system to enable ultra-secure multisignature transactions for customers. / OTCPM24
  • The ambitious flight test would last around 90 minutes and enable SpaceX engineers to learn about how Starship's structural design, hardware, and software works in-flight to further develop the spacecraft that will one day enable humans to become a multiplanet species. / TESMANIAN

Last updated: 03 August 2021