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  • [New] Security specialist Armis has discovered vulnerabilities, collectively dubbed PwnedPiper, in pneumatic tube control systems used in thousands of hospitals worldwide - including 80% of the major hospitals found in the US. / The Register
  • [New] China's securities regulator said on Sunday it will seek closer cooperation with its U.S. counterpart and will support overseas listings, after U.S. regulators tightened disclosure for Chinese companies and voiced concern about Beijing's regulatory actions. / The Star
  • [New] Although U.S. troops are leaving Afghanistan, the U.S. will keep supporting Afghanistan through security assistance to Afghan forces and humanitarian and development aid to the Afghan people. /
  • [New] Despite ample evidence of the security risks posed to the world by a region roiled by climate-induced water insecurity, there has been until very recently a glaring lack of leadership among Middle Eastern and North African elites in seeking out solutions. / World Politics Review
  • [New] The Securities and Exchange Commission has stopped processing registrations for U.S. initial public offerings or the sale of other securities by Chinese companies to give it time to craft new guidelines for investors to help them understand the risk of a regulatory crackdown by Beijing. / MarketWatch
  • [New] The Government of Canada is committed to helping communities invest in infrastructure that will improve their food security and increase access to healthy, nutritious and local foods for families in need. /
  • [New] The UK Government will be able to review acquisitions of shares or other qualifying assets (land, tangible moveable property and intellectual property) completed on or after 12 November 2020 that it reasonably believes pose a risk to national security in the UK. / Eversheds Sutherland
  • [New] The Biden administration has identified ransomware as a threat to national and economic security because of its potential to disrupt critical infrastructure. /
  • [New] The economic growth that may be a product of lessened sanctions or new contracts with Chinese companies will not be focused on securing legitimacy for the powers that be in Tehran. / Foreign Policy
  • [New] The cyber attack landscape evolved significantly in 2021 with the emergence of new ransomware variants, the increasing dangers of supply chain attacks, and the continued risks of staying secure while working remotely. / BleepingComputer
  • [New] Israel struck a deal with the Shanghai International Port Group to run the Haifa port despite American concerns about security risks to 6th Fleet visits to a nearby naval base. / AsianPolyGlotView
  • [New] Pegasus demonstrates a continued threat to device security despite cybersecurity experts spending years looking for vulnerabilities in end-to-end encryption. / American Enterprise Institute - AEI
  • [New] The Securities and Exchange Commission said Friday it will require additional disclosures from Chinese companies seeking a listing on U.S. stock exchanges, following Beijing's intensified crackdown on oversea share issuance. / CNBC
  • [New] Although Japan and the United States have a productive S & T relationship, there are several gaps in their systems that will frustrate closer cooperation if higher information security walls are erected around some emerging technologies in the coming years. / Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • [New] Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party is similarly promoting the idea of a new economic security law that could help Japan collaborate more with trusted international partners, bolster innovation, and increase engagement in standard setting. / Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • [New] China poses a rising threat to security in the Indo-Pacific, and the United States should lead efforts to respond. / War on the Rocks
  • [New] Continuation of the Yemen crisis poses the gravest threat to Oman's national security as well, especially considering the complex situation that has unfolded for years in al-Mahra. / Responsible Statecraft
  • [New] China will not use nuclear weapons unless first attacked, and that its nuclear forces are kept at the minimum level required to safeguard national security. / CNN
  • [New] In a recent Lowy Institute survey, 63% of respondents said that they see China more as a security threat than an economic partner to Australia - a 22-percentage-point surge in a year-while a mere 4% find their own government more to blame than Beijing for the breakdown in relations. / The Atlantic
  • [New] Crypto assets providing synthetic exposure to securities will be regulated as securities. / Reddit
  • [New] Global Data Vault relies on Veeam to simplify cloud backup and protect multiple petabytes of client data, including data in Microsoft Office 365 - protecting its data from accidental deletion, security threats and retention policy gaps. / Intelligent CIO North America
  • [New] The challenge for the United States is not just maintaining COIN expertise as national security attention shifts to great power competition, but also understanding how the character of insurgencies will evolve in the future. / Modern War Institute

Last updated: 03 August 2021