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WHAT'S NEXT:? Our natural environment is under ever-increasing threat. Landscape and ocean adaptation plus stabilizing biodiversity strategies will play an important role in maintaining global food productivity as climate changes. Evidence is mounting that any economic strategy that ignores carbon pollution will impose tremendous costs on the global economy and will result in fewer jobs and less economic growth over the long term. The global market for commercial "Earth observation" data is expected to hit $3.5 billion by 2024. Battles over environmental regulation could become particularly pointed in the coming years.

  • [New] Low socioeconomic status consistently increased the risk of premature death from fine particle pollution among 13.2 million Medicare recipients studied in the largest examination of particle pollution-related mortality nationwide. / American Lung Association
  • [New] The rampant, widespread pollution from forever chemicals is an urgent threat to public health and the environment. / Environmental Working Group
  • [New] Biodiversity loss and pollution continue to threaten marine life and its habitats, and climate change poses enormous threats to the oceans and to the whole planet. / Environment
  • [New] Missions to asteroids, including missions intended to deflect asteroids away from Earth, will have to take keyholes into account. / Space
  • [New] Some asteroids are nowhere near an Earth-crossing orbit but are naturally close to one, or even dozens, of keyholes, so they pose a greater risk of becoming threats in the future. / Space
  • [New] Modern, resilient, and sustainable port, airport, and freight infrastructure will support U.S. competitiveness by removing bottlenecks and expediting commerce and reduce the environmental impact on neighboring communities. / The White House
  • [New] In order to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, in which the world has pledged to prevent climate change, Japan will have to reduce the amount of coal-fired power it already has, let alone allow new construction. / Google Docs
  • [New] A combination of ecological destruction, limited resources and population growth could trigger a worldwide breakdown within few decades, with climate change making things worse. / Sky News
  • [New] All foul water discharge changes will be compliant within the capacity of the foul water treatment facilities available, and are unlikely to give rise to a significant effect on the SAC / SPA. /
  • [New] Blue Origin will, at its own cost, contribute the development and launch of a pathfinder mission to low-Earth orbit of the lunar descent element to further retire development and schedule risks. / Blue Origin
  • [New] In France, several legal provisions regulate uses or practices concerning phytopharmaceutical products in order to prevent risks to the environment and human health. / Food and Agriculture Organisation
  • [New] Sales of electric cars are surging - with sales predicted to rise from 2 million in 2018 to 12 million in 2025 - as people choose to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and better protect the environment. /
  • [New] Plastic pollution: tiny microplastic contamination is on the rise in the Arctic, posing a threat to seabirds and marine life that can ingest debris. / BBC News Technology
  • [New] Reductions in fine particulate matter and traffic-related pollutants over 10 years were associated with 14% and 26% reductions in dementia risk in older U.S. women, and reductions in the risk of dementia in French people by 15%. / UPI
  • [New] Increased Chinese influence in Central Asia would come as no surprise and pose little threat to America, which cannot plausibly dominate everywhere on earth forever. / Original
  • [New] Just last month, a coalition of investors representing more than $17trn in combined assets signed up to support CDP's campaign to ensure that data on dangerous ESG risks such as climate change, deforestation and water usage are properly reported by companies. / //
  • [New] Fuelled by concerns that climate change will impact value for shareholders, not to mention catastrophically degrade the planet, investors are demanding more disclosure of environmental risks. / //
  • [New] In the UK, poor air quality is a severe environmental risk to public health, with air pollution responsible for 40,000 early deaths. / Imperial News
  • The number of deaths may drop to 5.3 million per year by 2050 in a BAU economy because lower emissions due to improvements in emission controls will have a greater impact than the higher population exposed to air pollution. / Stanford University
  • Space tourism will inevitably put pressure on Earth's environment - there are claims that space vehicles may one day become the world's biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions. / The Conversation
  • Space-based quantum sensors will enable better monitoring of the Earth's resources and improve the predictions of Earthquakes and the adverse effects of climate change, like droughts and floods. / Very Top Secret Information

Last updated: 31 July 2021