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Financial Services

  • [New] Digital goods and services trade enhances the opportunity for small - and medium enterprises (SMEs) to participate in global trade and enhance their financial inclusion. / Unido
  • [New] Given the extent to which AI has been deployed within financial services it will be important for firms and their suppliers to come to agreement on an AI control framework globally. / JWG
  • [New] We expect the demand for digital banking and financial technology (fintech) in Indonesia to grow along with the increasing convenience and speed of services, in addition to the lower costs compared to the traditional banking services. /
  • [New] An FMI may not be adequately managing its business risks if it provides services to a market of brown financial products that could shrink in the long term. / European Central Bank
  • [New] Tonga is in the process of developing draft insurance bills and pensions bills that will support the Reserve Bank with improving the access to financial services by households. / forumsec
  • The rapid growth of digital financial services (DFS) brings unique opportunities to advance the financial inclusion of previously excluded and underserved groups. / Digital Financial Literacy Toolkit
  • In the case of vein recognition, the banking, financial services, and insurance sector is expected to lead technology growth by the end of this decade. / Financial IT
  • The UK's CDC Group and Incofin IM have reached the successful first close of the US$ 60 million Incofin India Progress Fund that will make private-equity investments in the agri-food value chain and financial services for rural entrepreneurs in India. / The Asset
  • As jurisdictions around the world continue to evolve regulations related to financial services, such as privacy rules and open banking regimes, RegTech is only expected to become more important. / FinTech Global
  • There are risks in doing nothing: the financial services industry is transforming en masse toward embedded finance and enabling integrated capabilities, so all DFS providers should consider whether opening APIs and/or using APIs available from other players is the right strategic move for them. / CGAP
  • The introduction of a federal law in the US could ease compliance uncertainty as it relates to data use and privacy for payments and other financial services companies. / Eversheds Sutherland
  • Take the world of financial services, where we see banks using real-time analytics to capture and process over 1 TB of data per day to deliver on business, risk and regulatory requirements. / Information Age
  • The emergence of 5G means that broader connectivity, globally speaking, will bring a range of financial services to the underbanked populations of the world. /
  • As hopes of a deal on financial equivalence with the European Union ebb away, financial services firms are pushing to take advantage of an estimated $24 trillion (£17.5 trillion) in household savings accumulated by China's population. / The Telegraph
  • The first Financial Markets Dialogue held today will strengthen links on financial services and create new opportunities for UK and Indian business. / GOV.UK
  • Fintech is going to be the key disruptor for Emerging Market financial services in 2021 and beyond, with financial technology presenting compelling long-term opportunities to generate alpha, due to factors such as digital innovation, Covid-19 and more. / The Fintech Times
  • In the process of China's rise, excellent financial services and technology companies will emerge, playing a more important role globally. / Yahoo Finance
  • A critical consideration will be designing a future-proof digital dollar that maintains the vital role of community banks, expands access to financial services with consideration of regional needs, and promotes resilience for all U.S. consumers. / Default
  • Privacy and international data transfer: Clear and manageable rules regarding privacy, data use, and transfers of consumer data between the UK and US will be critical to driving innovation and collaboration between the US and UK in financial services, including in digital payments. / Eversheds Sutherland

Last updated: 02 August 2021