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  • [New] The Senate select committee is considering the risk posed to Australia's democracy by foreign interference through social media. / NCA NewsWire
  • [New] The social media platform said that when viewing growth on a two-year basis, to exclude the impact of Covid-19, it predicts a modest deceleration in revenue across the third and fourth quarter of 2021. / National Technology
  • [New] Misinformation, disinformation, and conspiracy theories are a growing threat that will ultimately require global and regional cooperative efforts among researchers, governments, and social media platforms. / The Dialogue
  • [New] The United States will work with governments and civil society organizations to ensure that civil society and media groups are able to hold governments accountable without legal restriction and free from intimidation. / U.S. Government
  • [New] Total U.S. digital ad spend on social media influencer content will grow to $6 billion in November 2021 and December, representing 20% of all digital ad spend. / Chain Store Age
  • [New] After denying media reports that China was banning Indian crewmembers from crew changes due to fears of COVID-19, the Chinese Ministry of Transportation confirmed it was blocking crew changes for at least 30 days from certain crewing agencies and management companies. / The Maritime Executive
  • [New] China Digital Times has reported on leaked government directives to media not to report unofficial figures or to take an exaggeratedly sorrowful tone, and for residents to be warned against giving interviews. / The Guardian
  • [New] In 2022, consumers plan on using AR more in four key growth areas: media, shopping, gaming, and communications. / WSJ
  • [New] According to Structure Research, the colocation market for Asia Pacific will grow at an expected compound annual growth rate of 12.2% through 2024 with much of the demand coming from global cloud providers, social media platforms, media content and video streaming, e-commerce platforms and banking. / Console Connect
  • [New] With ever-rising smartphone penetration and end-users' spending more and more time on their phones for e-commerce and entertainment including usage of videos and OTT platforms, mobile advertising will possibly become one of the biggest trends in 2021. /
  • [New] Many religious groups see new opportunity to spiritually influence even more people on Facebook, the world's largest and arguably most influential social media company. / The New York Times
  • [New] Japan's government has long realised the potential of the cultural industries as tools of cultural diplomacy and soft power, projecting positive images of Japan through consumer goods, media products and popular culture, such as Hello Kitty. / The Conversation
  • [New] Japan's resentment centers on the belief that it was strong-armed into hosting - forced to pay billions and risk the health of a largely unvaccinated, deeply weary public - so the IOC can collect its billions in media revenue. / AP News
  • [New] Foreign state media might push information into Canadian-based community networks with the intent of discrediting reliable news sources or otherwise sowing misinformation and propaganda. / review-top-secret-canada-understanding-the-canadian-intelligence-and-national-security-community
  • [New] With media experiences highlighting the potential for deeper relations between the Saudi Kingdom and Israel to counter Iran, the sale of Iron Dome air protection programs to Arab nations might be a actuality quickly. / Motley Fool
  • [New] With media reports highlighting the possibility of deeper relations between the Saudi Kingdom and Israel to counter Iran, the sale of Iron Dome air defense systems to Arab countries could be a reality soon. / Latest Asian, Middle-East, EurAsian, Indian News
  • [New] Between now and 2022's 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, there should be a number of developments to regulation on social media in the UK and Europe. / Fieldfisher
  • As China moves to incorporate social media further into its military operations, it will increasingly engage in some level of shaping operations during what Western observers would consider the preconflict stage. / Rand Corporation
  • A dislike button will head off more volatile expressions of disagreement on social media platforms, giving people a simple, frictionless way to give negative feedback. / Techpoint Africa
  • Farms not only pose a risk to farmers and workers - Agrifutures and AgHealth Australia's Non-intentional Farm Related Incidents in Australia found there were 58 on-farm deaths across Australia reported in the media last year, including 14 in Victoria. / The Weekly Times
  • Social media and commercial platforms like Google are classifying and individualising content to a point which could have a direct impact on an individual's life. / EdTechReview
  • False claims on social media have resulted in fear and anxiety among some people, leading to vaccine hesitancy and lax social distancing efforts. / CNN

Last updated: 02 August 2021