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  • [New] The Scottish Government has committed to a £100 million Green Jobs Fund over the next five years, which will be used to support the development of sustainable and low-carbon products and services and will likely underpin additional growth. /
  • [New] Green affordable housing can help India on its path to deliver on its commitments under the Paris Agreement, to reduce a third of its carbon emissions by 2030 from 2005 levels. / Pressroom International Finance Corporation
  • [New] China Aerospace hopes to encourage folks's consideration to China's aerospace {industry} and increase nationwide pleasure. / Income Associate
  • [New] China Aerospace hopes to encourage folks's consideration to China's aerospace {industry} and increase nationwide satisfaction. / Options Call Today
  • [New] Lithuania's iDenfy will now be providing identity verification service for eCompliance Ltd an enterprise that provides services to electronic money institutions, banks, corporate lawyers, real estate agents, security brokers, crypto exchanges, and forex traders. / FinExtra
  • [New] Lawmakers and the White House expect to raise another $28 billion by changing the tax reporting rules on cryptocurrency, $20 billion from future sales of spectrum auctions and to utilize $67 billion from spectrum sales that already occurred. / CNN
  • [New] About 47% of executives at 473 small banks surveyed by IntraFi Network during the first half of July said they believe the current state of the housing market poses a serious risk to the U.S. economy. / American Banker
  • [New] The White House is expected to keep international travel restrictions in place as the United States battles a resurgent COVID-19 among unvaccinated Americans. / BNN
  • [New] President Biden is to pledge that the United States will end its military combat mission in Iraq by the end of the year, as he meets the Iraqi prime minister at the White House. / Channel 4 News
  • [New] The White House has maintained a travel ban on the UK and the EU's schengen zone due to fears over the highly transmissible Delta variant. / CityAM
  • [New] Providing high quality affordable homes through residential led regeneration of major sites will play a critical part in the post Covid-19 economic recovery and Phase 2 of the M & G investment provides a huge vote of confidence in the affordable housing sector in Wales. / Insights
  • [New] SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has said that he believes the cost of going to space, in particular visiting Mars (a trip that would cost about $10 billion per person using current technology), will one day be equivalent to the cost of buying a house. / Business Insider
  • [New] House prices in England and Wales will grow by an annual rate of 3.8% by the end of this month, slowing dramatically to just 0.4% by the end of August, and then falling back a small 0.12% by the end od September. / Estate Agent Today
  • [New] For Canada's beleaguered tourism industry, there's now hope that Americans fed up with hanging around their houses since March of last year will pick Canada as the destination for their first escape. / The New York Times
  • [New] Implementation of smart city projects in India and China is expected increase demand for home automation systems. / Yahoo Finance
  • [New] Providing tap water to all houses (by 2024) is the promise that the government of India has made the twelfth time. /
  • [New] Nearly 47% thought that fears of a return of Trumpism to the White House in 2024 would not prevent European governments from investing in trans-Atlantic initiatives, compared to 20% who thought they would and 33% who were undecided. / Brookings
  • [New] Reducing emissions from the domestic housing sector will be essential to reaching the UK's target of net zero emissions by 2050. / The Renewable Energy Hub
  • [New] The White House wants Americans to believe that vastly increasing the number of wind and solar farms could produce over half a million jobs a year over the next decade - primarily in construction and manufacturing. / IER
  • Expecting high standards for public and low-income housing is paramount, and it's unacceptable that the US houses people in dangerous conditions. / Vox
  • The White House includes funding for transitioning rural co-ops to clean energy in its American Jobs Plan, and additional proposals outline incentives that would be available to co-ops for each kW of coal that they replace with clean energy. / Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Democrats in Congress are pushing a separate $3.5 trillion budget resolution that would include more clean energy and climate funding and could pass without any Republican votes under Senate rules. / Smart Cities Dive
  • To ensure autistic people, as well as disabled and older people, have better access to supported housing, we have committed that 10% of the homes built via the £11.5 billion new Affordable Homes Programme will be supported housing by 2026. / UK Government

Last updated: 31 July 2021