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WHAT'S NEXT?: Education will increasingly be online, just-in-time and competence-based. VR will become more mainstream in education technology. The vision of easily accessible learning will be enormously powerful and widespread in a few years. The global artificial intelligence market in the education sector will grow exponentially and post an impressive CAGR of over 39% by 2020.

  • [New] The broadside re-ignited investor fears about state intervention in China after Beijing had already targeted the property, education and technology sectors to curb cost pressures and reassert the primacy of socialism after years of runaway market growth. / Reuters
  • [New] Adult Community Learning and Further Education are invaluable layers in the UK education system, by providing school leavers and adults returning to education, another opportunity to gain qualifications. / Association of Colleges
  • [New] AI-EDGE will create a research, education, knowledge transfer and workforce development environment that will help establish U.S. leadership in next-generation edge networks and distributed AI for many decades to come. / USDA
  • [New] Responding to China will require looking beyond foreign policy to Labour's industrial strategy, as well as fiscal, environmental, immigration, education and technology policy. / New Diplomacy Project
  • [New] Faced with a global pandemic that has pushed billions of children out of school, a cut to global education funding is extremely disappointing and will hinder the educational dreams and futures of countless children. / ONE
  • [New] The Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy will contribute to a number of initiatives, including the development of competitive quantum computers and the establishment of the Quantum Association. / adminaus
  • [New] Unless world leaders step up, there is a real risk that decades of progress made on girls' rights and education will be lost. / Plan International
  • [New] By increasing access to reproductive healthcare services for young people, we could support up to four million more girls in sub-Saharan Africa to remain in education, every year. / Bond
  • [New] The United States will work with a diverse range of stakeholders from government, civil society, and the private sector to prevent youth from joining gangs, including through opportunities to play, learn, work, and feel connected with their families and communities. / U.S. Government
  • [New] The United States will leverage rights-respecting technology to facilitate economic growth, increase opportunities for excluded populations, promote financial inclusion, and strengthen education and workforce development in coordination with the private sector. / U.S. Government
  • [New] To support the goal of ensuring access to quality, affordable, flexible, and inclusive early learning and child care, the Government of Canada will contribute more than $347 million for child care in Newfoundland and Labrador over the next five years. / Prime Minister of Canada
  • [New] The governments of Canada and British Columbia will work together to improve access to quality, affordable, flexible, and inclusive early learning and child care programs and services. / Direct Source News
  • [New] The Government of Canada's recent historic agreement with the Government of British Columbia and the investment of $3.2 billion over the next five years will help improve regulated early learning and child care for children under six years of age in B.C. / Direct Source News
  • [New] The hits to their fortunes come as a sell-off in Chinese education and technology stocks continued to spread to other sectors, with investors pondering which companies could fall under Beijing's scrutiny next. / Forbes
  • [New] Chicago Public Schools, in partnership with the University of Chicago, has developed a student prioritization index (SPI) that identifies students at highest risk of unfinished learning and dropping out of school. / McKinsey & Company
  • [New] The risk of an illiterate generation in Iraq existed prior to COVID-19, but Iraq's already dire education system is now on a crash course destined to clash with a failing economy. / Atlantic Council
  • [New] Pearson China wanted to digitise its textbooks and personalise the learning experience to give Chinese students more opportunity to practice English, and use artificial intelligence to empower teachers with highly accurate assessments and other tools. / Technology Record
  • [New] Several big city districts, including in Chicago, Atlanta and New Orleans, said last week they will require masks when schools reopen for in-person learning. / WSJ
  • The Australian government should set up a communication campaign to educate people on the risks of shared air, and on how to improve ventilation. / The Conversation

Last updated: 04 August 2021