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  • [New] The latest Decarbon8 - US Request for Proposal specifically seeks investment opportunities in the transportation sector, the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States (EPA). / ADVFN
  • [New] Hardier and more resilient to transport compared to other varieties, iceberg could be grown in farms in California and Arizona and sold in big cities on the East Coast. / Grist
  • [New] SRL is the biggest transport project to be built in the State of Victoria involving a new 90-kilometre rail line that will link every major rail line from the Frankston line to the Werribee line. / Aurecon
  • [New] The EU could amend its competition laws to allow governments to foster national and European champions that could compete with their counterparts in the United States and China. / Foreign Affairs Magazine
  • [New] From strategic corridors for boosting high-speed connectivity to redevelopment of the historic ring rail network, the draft Master Plan of Delhi 2041 envisions a future of mobility in the city driven by intelligent technology that will encourage use of public transport. / NDTV
  • [New] Colonial Pipeline, which transports about half of thec fuel consumed on the East Coast, last month paid a ransom of 75 bitcoin-then valued at roughly $4.4 million - in hopes of getting its system back online. / Tech Xplore
  • [New] Despite the fact that air transportation only accounts for around 2.5% of global carbon dioxide emissions today, it is considered to be one of the more difficult sectors to decarbonize, meaning its impact will be increasingly felt as time goes by. / Triple Pundit
  • [New] The sustainable pathway gives a global net saving of $10 billion per year by 2040 from reduced coal transportation costs, on top of the economic savings from reduced air pollution and health consequences. / ScienceDaily
  • [New] The Michigan Department of Transportation is set to begin work on a four-year, $257 million project that will repair concrete, replace culverts, and modernize infrastructure along a 24-mile corridor of Interstate 275. / Planetizen - Urban Planning News, Jobs, and Education
  • [New] Colonial Pipeline, which transports about half of the fuel consumed on the East Coast of the United States, last month paid a ransom of 75 Bitcoin - then valued at roughly $4.4m - in hopes of getting its system back online. / Al Jazeera
  • [New] Two / three wheelers and buses are the only road transport segments close to being on track to hit net-zero emissions by 2050. / Sustainable Bus
  • [New] Rising consumption of transportation fuels like gasoline mean oil demand will increase to 99 million barrels a day in the second half of 2021, a 5% increase on its level in the first six months of the year. / WSJ
  • [New] Zero-emission passenger cars would have to hit almost 60% of sales in their segment globally by 2030, not 34% as they do in the Economic Transition Scenario - that' s 55 million EVs sold in that year, as opposed to 32 million. / Green Car Congress
  • [New] Merkel's ruling coalition introduced a policy package that included a major climate law, a carbon price for transport and heating fuels and a plan to exit coal-fired power production by 2038 at the latest. / China Dialogue
  • [New] Several car manufacturers and local and regional governments have declared ambitious targets for EV deployment in the next 10-15 years, but achieving LDV decarbonization on a large scale will be a formidable task. / T&D World
  • [New] The Climate Group has signed up 111 companies to its EV100 Initiative, in which companies including Schneider Electric have committed to launch a Green Fleet policy which aims to replace 100% of its car fleet with electric vehicles by 2030. / Business & Finance
  • [New] With a focus on scaling up demand in the transport and electricity generation industries, Korea expects its domestic hydrogen market to reach 81 billion dollars by 2050. / Gowling WLG
  • [New] Doncaster will use £24.8m to upgrade Doncaster Station Gateway and its surroundings by creating greener transport options such as cycle lanes and walking routes, as well as providing 'high-quality and attractive commercial space'. / Transport Network
  • [New] Global supply chains continue to drag, and combining supply chain with cost pressures on shipping containers, warehousing, and land transportation costs might prevent hotels from renovating. / LODGING Magazine
  • Nearly all cars imported by 2035 must be electric vehicles - Road transport can be almost completely decarbonised by 2050 - By end of 2022 set targets to get more people walking, cycling and using public transport. / Otago Daily Times Online News
  • Two segments within road transport - two / three wheelers, which are heavily used in developing countries, and buses - are close to being on track to hit net-zero emissions by 2050, just on the basis of established trends in relative economics. / BloombergNEF

Last updated: 18 June 2021