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  • [New] The software tools that Intrinsic is developing will allow more people to use industrial robots to make new products, businesses and services. / World News
  • [New] A trade agreement with New Zealand could see the removal of tariffs on British and New Zealand goods making products available at lower prices. / The Straits Times
  • [New] In one project, £22.6m will help the Advanced Machinery & Productivity Initiative in the North of England to drive innovation for advanced machinery manufacturers, putting them at the cutting edge of technologies such as robotics. / World News
  • [New] The Scottish Government has committed to a £100 million Green Jobs Fund over the next five years, which will be used to support the development of sustainable and low-carbon products and services and will likely underpin additional growth. /
  • [New] Europe is expected to dominate global market backed by demand from Germany, which is the largest consumer of cosmetics and personal care products. / ADVFN
  • [New] The economic growth that may be a product of lessened sanctions or new contracts with Chinese companies will not be focused on securing legitimacy for the powers that be in Tehran. / Foreign Policy
  • [New] North America is the major region dominating the Robotic Exoskeleton Market with revenue of $184.54 M in 2020 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 13.3% during the forecast period of 2021-2026 to generate a revenue of $353.26 M in 2025. / IndustryARC
  • [New] Lloyd's of London plans to develop insurance products for electric vehicles and hydrogen as part of its efforts to fight climate change. / Insurance Journal
  • [New] Last year Intel said that the production of its next-generation 7 nm chips would be delayed to 2022, following years of delays to its 10 nm chips. /
  • [New] On Thursday, LG Chem announced that it will acquire the Chemical Electronic Material (CEM) division of LG Electronics for 525 billion won in an attempt to ramp up its efforts to become No. 1 battery material company in the world. / Korea JoongAng Daily
  • [New] Researchers said in a recent paper that they have invented a machine learning system using low-cost, easy-to-use technology that could bring satellite analytical power to researchers and governments worldwide. / Lifewire
  • [New] Materials Made Smarter Research Centre, based in Sheffield, Cambridge and Loughborough Universities, will work on overcoming technological challenges preventing adoption of new materials and manufacturing processes needed to become more sustainable and help achieve net zero emissions. / Metrology and Quality News - Online Magazine
  • [New] Research Centre for Connected Factories, based in Nottingham, Cambridge and Sheffield Universities, will work to create a 'Morphing Factory' where production can be easily repurposed in response to changing market demand. / Metrology and Quality News - Online Magazine
  • [New] Advanced technology will be used to pilot new manufacturing techniques that will allow Ford to research and quickly scale breakthrough battery cell designs with novel materials as part of its plan to vertically integrate battery cells and batteries. / The News Herald
  • [New] The next-generation chip, originally set for a late 2021 release and a crucial part of Intel's strategy to get its production back on track and to catch up to other silicon producers like TSMC, were now delayed until early 2023. / The Verge
  • [New] China is now undertaking a whole-of-society effort to improve domestic technology, specifically around what Chinese leaders think will drive not only economic growth but also geopolitical power. / Foreign Affairs Magazine
  • [New] Beyond driving demand for green fuels, perhaps a more significant challenge will be massively ramping up their production and making them available in ports across the globe. / Rocky Mountain Institute
  • [New] A global chip shortage that has bit into its ability to sell Macs and iPads will start to affect iPhone production and forecast slowing revenue growth. / ETRetail
  • [New] Retail businesses will use the Adobe Commerce platform to reach an expanded set of customers by listing products on Walmart's Marketplace and then leverage Walmart's Fulfillment Services to offer two-day shopping across the U.S. / TechCrunch
  • [New] The role of AI and other technologies, such as machine learning, will be key in addressing CSDR requirements, and also for identifying and reducing the overall number of settlement fails across global financial markets. / Financial IT

Last updated: 01 August 2021