Teach yourself, and have us help you, to get to your future faster.

  • Courses: education in strategic foresight wherever you are and when you want it, online or offline, with certification of achievement.
  • Practical Foresight Guide: a downloadable, comprehensive, book on global best practices covering all aspects of how to anticipate and prepare for the future.
  • Internships: we offer students short on-the-job, pro bono, training experiences with the prospect of paid work after a short period of good quality outcomes.
  • Self-assessment: check out your's and your organization's strategic foresight competence versus others and see where we might help you close your learning gaps.
  • "It is a great privilege to work with you as an intern of Regent University. I used the friendly and powerful system of ST to do my project work as well as learning ST's business model as a platform for pursuing strategic foresight as a practitioner. Your team are very customer-focused, they can respond to your enquiries and suggestions about the system very efficiently"
    June Lo, Regent University Australia

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