I use a combination of the following to classify each domain's credibility by checking every Insight against our database before I accept them to our service:

I never accept Fake News, Satire, Extreme Sources, Junk Science or Hate News, etc. I flag items I do accept where some doubt exists as to the veracity of the claim e.g. Conspiracy Theory or Rumor Mill; they can often be proved correct.

So far, ~750 dodgy domains have been flagged on the system as not suitable for inclusion in our service. 

The process is not perfect, The only real way to guard against Fake and Biased News is to be as well informed as you can be, for you to exercise healthy skepticism, check my work and triangulate reports that seem to imply a change of direction before you decide the truth as it appears to you and your associates.  But, you can help me, your associates, our members, clients by reporting a source that you consider dodgy. Please use the form provided. Thank you in anticipation, Athena.

Acknowledgment: We wish to thank Melissa Zimdars at Merrimack University for her excellent work at OpenSources, the forerunner of this service.