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(SFR.3.00) Information Infrastructure Breakdown (SFR.3.02) Adverse Technological Advances (SFR.4.02) Failure Of Urban Planning (SFR.6.04) Unmanageable Inflation (SFR.4.00) Involuntary Migration (SFS.1.03) Application Security (SFS.1.05) Digital Security (SFS.2.01) Corporate Security (SFS.1.02) Internet Security (SFR.5.04) Global Governance Failure (SFR.6.03) Unemployment (SFR.6.07) Illicit Trade (SFS.2.07) Border Security (SFR.5.03) National Governance Failure (SFS.1.00) Communications Security (SFR.6.02) Asset Bubbles (SFS.2.00) Airport Security (SFR.5.00) Interstate Conflict (SFR.5.01) Terrorist Attacks (SFS.1.07) Endpoint Security (SFR.6.01) Energy Price Shock (SFR.6.06) Financial Failure (SFR.3.03) Cyberattacks (SFR.6.05) Deflation (SFR.1.03) Natural Disasters (SFS.3.01) Public Security (SFS.4.00) Economic & Financial Security (SFS.2.02) Food Security (SFS.3.00) National Security (SFR.2.00) Water Crises (SFR.1.01) Extreme Weather (SFS.2.03) Home Security (SFR.1.00) Climate Action Failure (SFR.1.02) Biodiversity Loss (SFR.1.04) Human-made Environmental Disasters (SFR.2.01) Infectious Diseases (SFR.2.02) Food Crises (SFR.3.01) Data Fraud Or Theft (SFR.4.01) Social Instability (SFR.5.02) State Collapse (SFR.6.00) Fiscal Crises (SFS.1.01) Computer Security (SFS.1.04) Data Security (SFS.1.06) Network Security (SFS.2.04) Infrastructure Security (SFS.2.05) Physical Security (SFS.2.06) Supply-Chain Security (SFS.3.02) International Security

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