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  • PARTS II expands participation in the PARTS program to include almost 70% of the U.S. automobile market and will collect data on additional advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist. / U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Features including sign recognition, emergency braking and adaptive cruise control are going to be key areas of enhancement for ADAS and autonomous driving for the next 5 years. / Dgtl Infra
  • Analysis from one ADAS proponent, Consumer Reports, finds that existing vehicle safety technologies could cut road deaths in half-if they come standard on every vehicle. /
  • Velodyne will demonstrate lidar products designed for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles, robotics, smart city infrastructure, delivery, industrial and more. /
  • Veoneer and Qualcomm Technologies have worked together for several months to create a world leading roadmap of a scalable, open ADAS and autonomous driving system that will be able to address the entire automotive OEM market with an integrated software and SoC platform. / Auto Connected Car News
  • Demand for Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) replacement sensors from light vehicle collision repairs in North America is forecast to generate a new market opportunity in the automotive repair aftermarket. / Yahoo
  • Software Organisation will increase the efficiency of the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and AD functions for passenger cars across Volkswagen Group brands. / Stories
  • The automotive segment is expected to grow significantly faster from < $200M in 2019 to ~ $1.7 B by 2025 E, a ~59% CAGR, as Autos could account for ~50% of the LiDAR market by 2025 E with significant ramps in ADAS / autonomous driving and improving LIDAR technologies. / Benzinga
  • Mando is reportedly expected to supply ADAS components such as front radars, cameras, and autonomous emergency braking to 100,000 Level 3 autonomous all-electric vehicles that will be used as Amazon delivery cars from 2022. / view.php?sc=30800021&year=2021&no=116614
  • Continental expects the adoption of 3D lidar in the automotive market to accelerate in the second half of the coming decade. / Instrumentation Monthly
  • Despite ongoing assistance, Hajjah and Sa ada are expected to remain in Emergency, while food security in Al Mahrah will be Stressed. / yemen
  • The global market for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is expected to reach more than $67 billion by 2025, growing more than 10% each year, though automotive sensor growth has been slowed by COVID-19. / Automotive Fleet
  • By 2022, the majority of all new vehicles on the market will have ADAS systems, such as automatic emergency braking, lane departure and blind spot monitoring, and Mosaic ADT is designed to help customers navigate the complex future of collision repair. / Robotics & Automation News
  • Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) Market is expected to reach USD 14.14 billion by 2027 witnessing market growth at a rate of 21.19% in the forecast period of 2020 to 2027. / Apsters News
  • The global ADAS and autonomous driving component market is expected to be valued at $39.79 billion and 518.6 million units in 2018 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 12.51% and 13.29% respectively, during the forecast period, 2019-2029. / Caledonia Mining Corporation plc
  • The global ADAS and autonomous driving component market is projected to grow over $136.69 billion and 1.91 billion units by 2029. / Caledonia Mining Corporation plc
  • Level 1 and Level 2 ADAs are already available in many new vehicles, but by 2030, predict that one in four cars sold globally will have at least Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities. / Diginomica
  • The market for radar sensors for advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles exceeds $2.15 billion and will reach $7.68 billion by 2026, according to Research and Markets. / The Robot Report
  • Advanced Driver System (ADAS) will be in the majority of vehicles. / Auto Connected Car News
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) market, dominated by Tesla, is expected to touch $81.14 billion by 2025. / SELF
  • By 2020, over 50% of new vehicles produced in China will have Driver Assistance, Partial Automation, or Conditional Automation (CA) systems, with over 10% connected to an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). / THISDAY LIVE

Last updated: 20 June 2021